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Hive Punks - Enhanced Market History

A while ago I put the Hive Punks Market History update on hold due to Hive Engine not having complete information to faciliate it. Hive En

Historical Data On Hive Punks Trading Activity | Number of punks, volume and top buyers

Hive Punks were launched on November 12th, 2021 during the first day of HiveFest and they were sold in 36 hours. Since then, the project…

Game Dev Who Owns Zero Crypto Lectures Us On NFT Scam.

One of my friends from California asked me to review this video in Discord today. I asked him if I could just judge the entire 30 minute…

The GameFi Economy Is Broken

Now that all the talk about blockchain gaming liberating the poor has subsided maybe we should look behind the curtain and see if there…

Splinterlands Card Airdrop Math - Should You Be Buying Packs?

Lots of people who are getting into Splinterlands for the first time are super excited about the card airdrops we get every million packs…

OpenSea Reimbursing The Affected User of Recent Exploit and Implementing New Measures to Keep the Issue in Check

(Source) Evening Non-fungible tokens (NFT) marketplace OpenSea

Exploring the Web 3 World Today

It’s been an interesting day today, the first day of the two day Web 3.0 conference put on by Tech Circus. There was a huge number of pres

Crypto Noobs #18 - How to Mint an NFT on Opensea for Free

Welcome back to Crypto Noobs! It's the most popular crypto educational series on Hive! Not really, but we like to have fun here. I'm…

Financial Evaluation of Farming Tales: Estimated Profit, Estimated ROI and Best Purchase Cases - Cartel's Weekly Report (ENG/ITA)

Logo Farming Tales owned by @farmingtales Logo Oneup Carte owned by @oneup-cartel - Edit by @libertycrypto27 - Fon

Hive Punks

Remember this chart? All 10k punks gone in 36 hours .... zero fees :) 500 accounts participated.

Crypto & NFT Influence On Pop Culture & Paparazi

NFTs are changing the game in the world,just as the prices are over emphasized, we can’t help but notice some corrections it’s helping…

Low SWAP:HIVE liquidity

I was a bit surprised to see a low liquidity for SWAP:HIVE, normally it's Hive that's lacking in this department. I supposed the price of…

My first NFT collection

Taking a leap I discovered the world of NFT’s and in a matter of hours I have created a brand, a first collection and I am already…

Splinterlands Overview

Join Today! Over the last couple of months, I have

Slingshot "2099" NFT Drop Is Happening Today

A while back I wrote about Slingshot and how you can use it to get the most out of your trades. Since then the platform kept evolving…

Cryptoland is Nightmare Fuel - Also a Probably a Scam

Man, I've seen come crypto projects that have made me laugh. I've seen some that make me want to just cringe my soul out of my body. I've…


Image Created with Canva Pro RAGNAROK A HIVE BLOCKCHAIN GAME If you're a Hive Blockchain user lately you would have seen…

Chaos Legion alternatives to some expensive monsters

Some of the Chaos Legion monsters are quite similar to some monsters that are from the beta and alpha packs. The monsters in those older…

Geckocon Back Again, Opportunity To Grab Your Ticket & A Chance To Get Free NFTs

GeckoCon is back again, this time not on NFTs, it’s focusing on Web 3.0 and how the world is moving through decentralization. My first…

NFT Madness bis! 24000 $ for a drawing?

I am getting old I really guess I am getting old. As I am discovering the immense market of Opensea where I display my photography as…