LEO Tokenomics

Just sold a Crypto Raiders NFT Claim for $400

Crypto Raiders is hotting up nicely.... Raider Stakers (of which I am one) recently got their MOB NFT claims which will allow us to…

Splinterlands - Fewer rentals and lower prices per rental.... how much lower can it go!?!

If yer renting yer Splinertlands cards out, you've probably noticed a significant decline in yer DEC earnings this season compared to last…

Crypto stamp 3.1: You can now pre-order two new crypto stamps – Cat and Rhino 😸 🦏

Ab heute können zwei neue Crypto Stamps online bei der Österreichischen Post vorbestellt werden. Eine Katze und ein Rhino (Nashorn) 😸…

Turtles 🐢 - 3,333 Algorithmically Generated Turtle NFTs on Solana

Turtles 🐢 - 3,333 Algorithmically Generated Turtle NFTs on Solana Now Available on DigitalEyez & Magic Eden Markets Floor is around…

In The Revolution Museum ... 🤩 (NFT by @soufianechakrouf)

Hive Golden Year 2021. Die Blockchain, die Social Media und Games (#Splinterlands) in den goldenen 20-er Jahren des 21. Jahrhunderts…

Gargoya Devil Unleashed and Battle Test #1

Hi there, remember way back yesterday when I said I'd hold off before before purchasing Chaos reward cards? Well I've failed you, failed…

The Return of Rental Madness & Today's Rewards

And this season we're back to rental madness, gotta reign in as many reward cards while they're still hot. Speaking of hot, is it just me…

Today's Rewards: Djinn Chwala - Instant Upgrade

But back to the topic at hand, today's rewards. It's not often that I'll upgrade a reward card immediately after getting it's first…

The Project URS - Creepy Cool MP4 NFTs on OpenSea

The Project URS - Creepy Cool MP4 NFTs on OpenSea 10,000 post-apocalyptic exploration robots existing as 3-D NFTs on the Ethereum…

The OG Dragon-Death Squad - Battle Down Memory Lane

Except for Furious Chicken, all the monsters I used in this battle were and are still day ones among my favorites, specially Twisted…

$1500 on a Splinterlands NFT! And no Warning of the 5% Fee, Is that LEGAL?

Here's the raw TX data showing one of the latest Splinterlands NFT sales :

Analyzing my Season Performance #2 - Splinter Stats Season 57 Report Card

@hollowknightgod Oh man, this season was hard in so many different ways. Competition has been tough in the past seasons but this one…

STARPUNK: Il Launchpad Stellare!

Ciao Amici!

Goldie Galore & Battle du Day

Since the start of these new reward cards I've received like 5 goldies. Though all of them have been commons so far, if things keep up…

A record-breaking $680 million raise at Sorare: The next big thing in sports NFTs.

Hello everyone, Big news from the soccer fantasy game based on NFTs Sorare . Sorare raises a record $680 million Series B round…


This I am sure will be a very controversial list, while some of the altcoins mentioned here will be agreed on by all as solid picks, some…

Bitcoin Pronto al BOOM!

Ciao Amici!

Neon District - RPG with NFTs - Opening a Crate - August 24, 2021

Neon District is a cyberpunk role-playing game developed by Blockade Games in which you battle through missions to collect characters…


“Private Messaging” as a word being thrown around sounds very ironic to me. The truth about it which most of us know but just refuse to…

Project Catalyst Fund5 Winners - Who are they?

As Fund6 of Project Catalyst with a 4 Million $ budget starts, that's a good idea to analyze the winners of the previous Fund. Not only…