LEO Tokenomics

My thoughts on cub finance.

Yesterday I asked @leomarkettalk the simplest way to explain decentralized finance to a noob who is apparently interested in crypto. I…

Recognizing Your Value Attracts Money

Most people are prisoners of their minds and let money rule them. This is sad because they see money as an unattainable resources that…

Crypto market to kill stock market in future? Crypto vs Stock!

Hello everyone! In this blog, let me discuss on one of the most discussed topic - Crypto vs stocks . There have been various debates…

I earn cryptocurrency with 4 different methods - check them out! | Planing to add lending one of the DeFi products

Introduction Earning cryptocurrency is not easy, just like earning money can be difficult. However, with effort and hard work, everyone…

It's a brave new world.

This publication was also written in SPANISH and PORTUGUESE . [Culture Livresque](

A One-time $5 Investment in Hive game yields 300% and more!

In Six (6) days, I would be a year old as a consistent Rabona game player. It's been an exiting journey participating in 47 soccer seasons…

Life is Like a Box of Crypto

As I continue to evolve in this exciting yet overwhelming ascent into the cryptocurrency universe, just like in my centralized platfo

Errors that drive away abundance in our lives

Many times we make mistakes on a regular basis that condemns us to remain poor, since by not changing habits, thoughts in our lives we…

1 million hive!!!! Really!!!

Pixabay Seeing this contest brings a lot of emotions into play. At first, I didn't want to engage my imagination as I could spend…

Would They Ever Learn? : Ponzi and Quick Money-Making Schemes.

Source In November 2015, a website launched in Nigeria describing itself as a "mutual aid fund where ordinary people he

REGIONAL PRESS : First announcement

In the coming day, the new community REGIONAL PRESS , will present more than 10 orignal offers in the ecosystem of the HIVE Blog…

They will come to us.

This publication was also written in SPANISH and PORTUGUESE . [Revolutionary Conversations](

El Salvador government buys 150 BTC during recent dip

El Salvador made history by making BTC as a legal tender in country. It is the only country on planet who adopted BTC as a national…

Recruiting New Hive Users, One Rookie At A Time

Today was quite an eventful day for me, had the opportunity to talk about Hive and cryptocurrency to some one who has no idea what…

Why Binance suspended some Nigerian users account

Source Due to recent scam update, Binance has suspended the accounts of some Nigerian users account with suspicious activit

My Introduction @mrnash as newcomers

my introduction Hi Hive lovers. How are you today, hopefully healthy always. Since this is my

Friday Finance 9/17/2021

Well, it is time again for another Finance Friday. This is a series I started where I talk about random bits of financial stuff that I…

Not All Corporation Are Capitalist - SnyderCut Hatred At The Cost of Massive Profits is a Perfect Example of It

I have never seen a company sabotage their own finances as much as Warner Bros. have been doing. Although I called it Warner Bros., the…

Energy Capture Rate and How To Manage It to Earn Larger Rewards - Splinterlands New Player Guide #05

You have to understand what is the Energy Capture Rate (ECR) and how you can earn more DEC by using the right strategy! What is the…

2k POB Power on my Mind

It's a quick one this evening after many days of not posting here. I've been gathering my momentum to stir up my curation portfolio on…