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UPDATES: New Hive Water Project Contruction Commences This Week At Agona Bedomase-Ghana

This post will provide an update on the second Hive water project, which will be constructed in Agona-Bedomase. Thi

Swiss Hive Meeting #8 review. Hivemind Starline Festival

DE Das letzte Swiss Hive Meeting Bei unserem letzten Swiss Hive Treffen hatten wir ein paar neue User. Nach einer kurzen Erklärung…

Hive begins a borehole project at Agona Bedomase in Ghana; Empowering communities with Hive.

Update *I want to communicate with everyone how much better the hive ecosystem has made many people's lives. Ghana is fortunate to be…

wow is this really happening 😀🤟🚀

Namaskar / Hello to all hive users, who will reach this post. I hope you are doing great and having fun in your life and enjoying it with…

The Fear Paradox While Trying To Be A Consistent Hiver

The fear of the unknown, a feeling that engulfs us when we want to make a vital decision in our lives. Fear is something that hinders us…


good morning and happy Sunday to all of this excellent community of @leofinance, today bringing you a coin that is not silver and that…

Is the Sell Off Over or Do Dead Cats Bounce?????

Gold finally got a little relief, but is this just a little

Rising To Stardom

Some kids dream to be a star when they are young. Some may dream to be an actress or an actor, some may dream to take the stage and sing…

Correlation Analysis Between The Price of Leo Token And Binance Token

I have been carrying out series of correlation test in order to make investors of leo token feel safer when investing in it. You can check…

Guys, Girl, and Cosmetics

"You don't even need to wear make up. You are perfect the way you are. " Ever heard of that line before? What did you do? What did you…

Our role in building better community life with Hive.

Every person is vital to community life, and when we work together, we can all be engines of community development and social progress. In…

Bitcoin Is Venice: A New BTC Classic

A New Book I'm excited because I've just gotten into a new book that is becoming quite the page turner. "Bitcoin Is Venice" by Allen…

The Honest Truth Why You are Broke and Might Remain Broke

source Being rich or broke can be our fault in most cases, although, there are c

Terra Luna Crash: My Experience

Hello Everyone!!! I hope you are having a great time over there? It's really nice to see you visit my blog today and I must say I'm really h

Silver Portfolio Update

Silver Price Analysis Silver is up for the week, but prices moved lower despite an easing dollar and softening yields. It's down $0.12…

pHBD-USDC farm is heading towards $500,000 goal.

Hello lovely people of Hive community. Hopefully you will be enjoying your life with good health and spirit. Friends, usually stable coins…

Hive celebrates world bee day; challenges of beekeeping in Ghana and the way forward.

**In recent years, crops cultivation and livestock raising have dominated agriculture in Ghana

Fracking: Our Natural Gas & Energy at Stake

The rise in oil and gas prices is crucial to the economic challenges that we must all address and resolve, given the stratospheric rise in…

Thinking About What To Post Next On Hive ? Have Got Some Tips For You

Writing and posting consistently on Hive might be a daunting task to many. With everything that


They often say that there is dignity in labour. Most religion also agree to this and encourage that everyone should and devil to have a…