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Can Splinterlands Change Your Life?

Yes, I believe it can and has for many... For me personally, it's done so much. From the air drops to the game play, the guilds to even…

Two Investments, One Platform

In my last post, I was looking at some hypothetical scenarios regarding inflation and how unless we are invested and have significant…

Yield Farming Tied To Play to Earn Games & NFTs + related NFT airdrop

Yield farming when referring to Crypto or NFTs is defined as follows- *"Yield farming, also known as yield or liquidity harvesting…

Focus on Splinterlands: Will the market affect blockchain gaming?

Splinterlands and many play to earn games have turned into legitimate sources of passive income. For Splinterlands for example, there…

dCrops Quest Rewards are Live!

With all the hype surrounding the Chaos Legion pre-sale on #Splinterlands I thought I should point out the fact that there are…

Alpha and Beta Epic's on the rise. Sorry about that.

The addiction is real. I think that addiction is the only way to describe what is happening at this stage. Any sensible person…

Do you earn more on post from Hive or Tokens? - 1 week of analysis

Ok so I was really curious to see if I earned more on my post from Hive or the tokens attached. This might be different for me than someas…

How to sell your Splinterlands Chaos Legion Vouchers on Hive-Engine

Follow these steps to quickly sell your Spli

Will SPS really MOON?

In June there was news in Splinterlands, and a new token was fated to be born, the SPS (Splintershards). In the news announcement that was…

Splinterland's :Higher level of Cards/Deck value do not guarantee the win.

Splinterland's :Higher level of Cards/Deck value do not guarantee the win. It is very obvious that if you are holding many nice stats…

The New face of Rabona Game: Improved UI/UX, Gamifications, More Rewards

Hive is no doubt fast, scalable and powerful blockchain with a socialmedia spice. This is where creativity thrives and there is always a…

Vouchers: To Buy or to Sell

Hello fellow TCG enthusiasts! I hope you all are doing fine today. I'm going to keep this post quite simple. At this point plenty of…

WARNING: Don't Get Ripped Off on Chaos Legion Packs on Hive-Engine (Or Vouchers)

Alright folks, it's important that we have a talk, because ever since the Chaos Legion pre-sale began, it has become quite clear that…

It's CHAOS out there

I have been umming and ahhing about what I was going to do when the Splinterlands Chaos Legion packs went on presale - I just made it…

Buying Chaos Legion Packs on Hive-Engine? If You're Paying > $3.60, You're Getting RIPPED OFF!

Here's the thing folks, all of the bonuses that can be earned for pre-sale pack buyin

Splinterlands - My Struggles To Balance Winning and Earning..

Front cover image of post is an image worth a thousand words for how I play Splinterlands. I hope not to have to write a thousand words in…

Splinterlands - DEC Battle Rewards Updating

DEC Rewards Updating Earlier today we got news from official Splinterlands that new reward distributions would be made for ranked…

Splinterlands - Discovering all the game cryptocurrencies

Splinterlands is the blockchain game of the moment, there is no doubt of it and Chaos Legion presale boosted the entire metaverse to a new…

Economy of Voucher: The Efficient Market

Voucher Splinterlands pre-sale is finally live. Three days back we have started getting Vouchers, which are Hive Engine Tokens required…

A Very Super Rare NFT Sold For 320 ETH

Due to the NFT craziness everyone and anyone can literally become an NFT artist. They lack of effort in the creativity of NFT creation…