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PsyberX HIVE Onboard Social Challenge

Media Outlet Poster, Blog & Video Share Challenge Earn 100 LVL Token easy sharing this poster and the next line of text Join us on

Closing Prices for Some Cryptos, 2022 January 25

_As the second post in a daily series, it establishes trends in the various markets. Each day the change is u

Closing Prices for Some Cryptos, 2022 January 24

_ Ecency , PeakD , and Hive.Blog are the Big Three front-

SP500 Hacia nuevos maximos?

De momento con el rebote desde 4215$ seria muy plausible que quedara como una onda 4 despues de una correccion zig-zag que no seria la mas…

El Botín de Criptomonedas de Corea del Norte es Cada Año más Grande según Chainnalysis

Una investigación de Chainnalysis descubrió que 2021 fue uno de los años más exitosos de los que se tiene constancia en el robo de…

The Golden Snitch - Wins in 20 Rounds! Marvel at his endurance! (Strategy post includes video)

Hello and welcome to this celebration of The Golden Shadow Snitch! I tested him out this week as part of the #Splinterlands' weekly…

¿Sólo es cuestión de publicar? | Opinión sobre la bajada

Imagen creada en [Canva] Debido a la bajada de nu

#ZapFicMonday: Roses are red; they lived happily ever after.

Hello to all my #ZapFic friends; today's prompt was 'Snip' - and, with 1 character to spare, I'd love to introduce you to Joanne:…



New reporting revives interest in dCity - dCity Collective

What's good everybody it's your boy, Charlie! It's been a long time since I've talked about the good old @dcitygame. It brings me

50000 FANS

ENGLISH 50000 FANS. Greetings Blockchain Gaming and Rising Star communities. I am happy despite the massacre of…

"A Pirate's Life for me!" Water Quest

What's that boy Charlie going to play today? Well, Splinterlands Battle Mage Charlie is entering the Field! Today I am back with another

UPDATED -- Closing Prices for Some Cryptos, 2022 January 24

_ Ecency , PeakD , and Hive.Blog are the Big Three

www.boycharlieplays.com I have my website connected to the blockchain ...

www.boycharlieplays.com I have my website connected to the blockchain. When I post on my website I can post only my hive account but I…

How Solana Blockchain is more Energy efficient than its competitors

Image Credit-:Pixabay.com Blockchain Technology have huge potential to revolutionize the internet and the current finance sector at…

ENG/ESP Scam alert: Supermoon1 case//Alerta de estafa: caso Supermoon1

We are off to a bad start this 2022. I recently inaugurated a section in my blog called Scam Alert where I review the most recent scams to…

Happy Hive Birthday! You are on the Hive blockchain for 4 years!

How time flies when you are having fun!! Well over the 5,000 hive power mark doing great with Hive engine as well so I am happy where I…

So Long 2021 - Happy New Year To You 2022 - WAGMI

So long 2021... In the greater scheme of things 2021 was a good year for me. Earlier today I passed a TV in the house playing a news…