LEO Tokenomics

Introduction to StakeCube and How the Project is Navigating the Crypto Industry

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Tokenization; Unlocking Digital Possibilities

While researchers believe ["Tokenized Real Estate Hasn’t Lived Up to the Hype"](

"Bitcoin Isn't In Competition With Ethereum"

One thing that I liked about Vitalik Buterin and how I perceived him in his latest interview, is that he's not an Ethereum maxi. This man…

The U.S. Gov't Finances is Reason Enough to be in Crypto

When I saw this info and the corresponding example I just about had my jaw drop. I mean, I already knew how ridiculously bad the…

Ten Red Flags of the Crypto Mega-Bubble

Financial markets are a zero-sum game. For every winner, there is a loser. This is just an unfortunate fact. Hopefully one that cry

LeoFinance Weekly Dev Update #8 | Lightning Integration on LeoMobile! Marketing Updates, Kingdoms Explosive TVL Growth Continues

In This Week's Update: LeoFinance: LeoMobile - LeoFinance's newest application to bring a mobile app experience to the hive…

10k Leo Power, More Curation and Staking

It has been a long time coming in the works, had a lot of back and forths but I'm finally curating with 10k Leo. Perhaps I would have…

A Very Super Rare NFT Sold For 320 ETH

Due to the NFT craziness everyone and anyone can literally become an NFT artist. They lack of effort in the creativity of NFT creation…

Introduction into Leo Finance and Hive: Providing economic opportunities for people

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Who Actually "Charts The Course for BTC"...

BTC is about to have its first weekly close above $60,000 at the end of today, weeks after plenty of analysts were calling for a bear…

So I'll be getting one Voucher a day

I was a bit late to the presale because of my timezone and I missed the exact moment that the voucher airdrop came into my account. I…

LeoFinance Engagement 🦁

A weekly view on engagement using the leofinance.io interface. Every account using this site is checked and the top 100 for the past 7…

Main Hive Investment Portfolio - Weekly report 17th of October 2021

Hive blockchain offers an extensive number of investments cases on the main assets, but also on the secondary layers integrated within…

$3 Million Bitcoin Remittance From El Salvador In Day

Few days after El Salvador officially made bitcoin it’s legal tender, we saw the bitcoin price h dip, but the president of El Salvador…

This is how Web3 will be Regulated:

I got massively triggered yesterday when I came across an article titled: [a16z to

Why Facebook and advertising supported content at huge scale is doomed by wokeness

TL;DR My thoughts: Self policing and relatively small communities are going to be the places we want to create and inhabit on the…

Should I buy Fantom (FTM) in 2021?

[Photo Source](

Personal Finance: The Man & The Economy 

At every stage in life, there are different personal finance lessons that one must cultivate, a 15-year-old for example would be…

I Sold Crypto Just To Be in Crypto

We're living volatile times in crypto and the run up seems to be having more fuel than some of us can imagine. According to 99% of the CT…

Mondays are H-E Token Powerups - 250 POB, 50 LEO, 1,500 SPT, 200 CTP, 500 ONEUP, 150k SPORTS

Hi friends, it's Monday and there's no better way to start the working week with what motivates and inspires us to do more. I value…