LEO Tokenomics

LeoFinance UI Update: Drafts Never Die

In the not-so-distant past, we added an advanced drafts mechanism to This allows users to auto-save any post they're writing on…

Introducing the LeoFinance WhiteBook Version 1.0 | Our Vision, Mission and Expansion as a Web3 Platform

My Important Preface Nobody has seen this whitebook yet. It's been a draft for over a year now and has continually changed shapes and…

How To Arbitrage and Accumulate More Leo Tokens?

source I don't know how many people may have been looking for ways to accumulate more Leo To

I'll take HODL for 200 Alex. (HBD/BUSD)

This is what bear markets are for. What is buidling? So we got a nice bump from this bottom-out in the market recently. That's all…

Cold Turkey

I feel so weird right now... When I was a kid there were two schools of thought when it came to entering a freezing cold pool of water.…

What's your biggest money flex?

I think everyone has their biggest financial strong point. A lot of times these are things that have happened constantly with your life…

Home Grown Honey

I bought my first mobile phone back in 2002, that's two decades ago, it was a Nokia 3310, used but in good shape and at that time, wearing…

The dip is the perfect period to invest into cryptocurrency

I always says that cryptocurrency is the only place were people loose alot of money and still keeps laughing. We are not that serious in…

10M CUB Supplied

CUB has been around for about a year. If memory serves we launched in March...

Regulations will push the crypto community off the edge

Living in a country puts you at the mercy of certain laws and rules. In the case of crypto hodlers, regulations by the government are…

LeoFinance Weekly Dev Update: CertiK Audits PolyCUB, 3Speak Integrations, Hivestats Rewrite

▶️ Watch on 3Speak In this LeoFinance Weekly Dev Update from the last AMA, we talk about all of the develo

Multiple ways that you can earn as a Liquidity Provider on Hive

DeFi on Hive came to life through TribalDex solution which enabled Liquidity Pools across a diversity of cryptocurrencies from within this…

Market Watch: Dominance.

So today was pretty weird. I wake up and Bitcoin is crashing to $33k. Was feeling pretty good about that. Because the day before I…

My Leofinance App Experience And Update

I've been having posting through leofinance app very difficult for me after I made my last post through the app seven days ago. I made an…

LeoFinance's New Tik Tok Content Strategy

▶️ Watch on 3Speak LeoFinance has been expanding our operations in a lot of ways. Hiring on new developers

Netflix - Impressive Business Decisions

source Netflix's stock price has been dropping significantly in recent


It is not the first time predictions come to my desk and I breathe a sign of relief due to time constraint. Since #Bitcoin inception what…

Fresh silver under way!

Look at these beauties I just ordered: 20 Escudos 1952, Mozambique - 10.00 g (.720) 50 Cents 1966, Australia - 13.28 g…

Kosovo Joins The Bitcoin Mining Ban Train

It seems their hottest new geopolitical trend is to ban bitcoin mining from your country. We've seen China do it, Russia is flexing their…

More Attention on Stable Coins in 2022

Investment is not just about putting money on something that gives a good return instead there are many tips and tricks that we need to…