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Splinterlands Diary: Renting Prices Are Crazy, Should I start Buying Cards?

There's still more than 6 days and 21 hours left before the end of the current season and yet, the card renting market had already gone c

Bids for Rentals: Overview of PeakMonsters Auto Rentals feature

With the continued growth of Splinterlands, the number of renters and the competition in the rental market has also increased. At the…

GOLD RANK explosive rewards

Good morning here is a cool streak with various cards I used.. I will probably reach GOLD 1 before season end something I have never tried…

Splinterlands Diary: DEC or SPS?

If you visited the Hive Engine marketplace you'll notice that the prices of both DEC and SPS had gone down quite a bit. And we all know…

Use Peakmonsters Filters for Fast and Easy Splinterlands Renting

Oh, how I love talking about renting cards in Splinterlands. Unfortunately, until the Chaos Legion packs are released, I'm stuck renting…

#13 - How I Progressed from Bronze 3 to Bronze 1 with 10 DEC - For Beginners

It has been a while since I shared about my progress about my Splinterlands journey. I bought the Spellbook on 25 Sep so this means I have…

An In-Depth Look at Splinterlands: Invasion of the Splinterbots w Giveaway, Warning, Solutions, and more!

Game Mechanics: Amazing Machinations If you aren't playing Splinterlands yet click here to sign up a

PeakMonsters.com Automatic Rental Sneak Peek!

If you're unfamiliar with the @peakmonsters website, peakmonsters.com , you should really familiarize

Rental breaking fee?

Hello friends, This time I would like to share with you something that has happened as the season is going to end 💀 As I told you at…

Splinterlands Diary: End of Season Woes (Sky-High Renting Rates)

There’s still 4 days and 20 hours left before the end of the season and the prices of cards being rented are going crazy. The Ca

Splinterlands Battle Replay - Water Vs Death

Sharing this battle replay between water and death splinter with 18 mana cap. This is my first time to use pelacor bandit as my frontliner…

1st Gold Battle of the Season

▶️ Watch on 3Speak Hi All, It took a while till I reached the 'GOLD' league as the value of the ALR

Splinterlands Diary: I Bought SPS In Hive Engine

My order of SPS was finally filled by someone last night in Hive Engine. The trade gave me additional 95 SPS giving me a total of 137.438…

#6 - Maximise Your Rental Income (With PeakMonsters) - For Beginners

The current season at Splinterlands is ending in about 4 days. 😱 If you are a beginner like me, you might not know that, it's an open…

Make your BUYING and SELLING experience A LOT better with PeakMonsters

It is often challenging and time-consuming to use the Splinterlands in-game market when dealing with multiple card transactions.

Alla scoperta di Splinterlands - TUTORIAL

▶️ Watch on 3Speak In questo video scopriremo Splinterlands, il blockchain game di carte collezionabili im

Splinterlands: Strategy Guide (Series #1)

In this short video, we will learn about some of the counters that can be used for different Splinterlands rulesets. Each of these…

Splinterlands: Strategy Guide (Series #1)

▶️ Watch on 3Speak In this short video, we will learn about some of the counters that can be used for

Is this worth renting cards from peakmonsters.com

I want to play in Diamond league but I am short of 20 k CP so I rented Gold Foil Epic card Hero of Beyond. I had spent 66.334 DEC per…

Increase Collection Power EFFICIENTLY with these features

With the [recent update in Splinterlands' game economy](