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The dip is the perfect period to invest into cryptocurrency

I always says that cryptocurrency is the only place were people loose alot of money and still keeps laughing. We are not that serious in…

More Attention on Stable Coins in 2022

Investment is not just about putting money on something that gives a good return instead there are many tips and tricks that we need to…

SPS - Future Of Token & My Goals

With the airdrop a little bit over halfway through, I wanted to talk about the SPS Token. The current times seem very cold with the hold…

What's the impact of action-less Fed's statements on borrowers

The statement that came out yesterday from the US Fed was quite a dampener for stock markets. Yesterday, before the statement came out…

Play 2 Earn Games - Watch Out For These!

More and more people are getting hyped about the metaverse. A big element of the metaverse is in my opinion the gaming aspect and with…

The unpredictable behavior of the BTC market, an uncertain future but with 2 possible paths.

Greetings to all readers of this great platform, in the present I want to talk a little about BTC, it is very common to hear alarming news…

10k SPS Goal & Buying SPS on DIP..

Its been 180 days of SPS airdrop today which means half the year is gone and the same amount of time is left to enjoy this airdrop. SPS…

What Crypto Community is expecting from Budget 2022 in India

New year celebrations are over and now since we have entered in another year so there are many new things are happening in the year. One…

My top six daily crypto rituals

source When I wake up every morning I have a set of thin

Mirror Protocol (MIR)

What iѕ thе blockchain - bаѕеd рlаtfоrm Mirrоr Prоtосоl (MIR) token? Tеrrа Nеtwоrk'ѕ Mirrоr Prоtосоl permits the uѕе of ѕуnthеtiс assets…

My experience with the last bear market: An interview with a friend

Before I digress permit me to say this - when it comes to cryptocurrency we all should knows that it involves market. The market is simply…

Can Bitcoin stabilize here? I believe there is a high probability of that happening

After reading my report from Thursday, someone decided to buy the dip at $35k. 😂 [El Salvador decided to buy 410 Bitcoin at $36.5k](

Time to Buy the Dip!

In crypto, everyone wants to buy the dip and sell at high but figuring out the right spot of dip is difficult. We never know how the…

Be Careful Where You Put Your Hopes

Pexels Inasmuch as having hope in what you do is the very

Exploring more of DCA (Dollar Cost Averaging) in Crypto

Investment is a journey and we should keep it ongoing to build a bigger corpus in long term. There are very rare options where we can…

Five things to do as $hive token is under $1

When hive was around $3 in value, I knew that the coin was getting the recognition it so much deserves for ages. I took that as a sign of…

Crypto Market Cap Lost $1 Trillion in this Crash

Hello and Namaste Everyone The Crypto market has not been doing well this month and we have seen it dropping where leading coins like…

I am Buying the DIP

The entire Crypto Market has been on the DIP and it has been doing that for almost a week. Now I am not g

The Hardest Thing First

Start your day this way, and it's only a matter of time you'll be a leader amongst men. You'll become very successful in the things you…