LEO Tokenomics

Splinterlands - Discovering all the game cryptocurrencies

Splinterlands is the blockchain game of the moment, there is no doubt of it and Chaos Legion presale boosted the entire metaverse to a new…

Splinterlands Assets Explained - Coins & Tokens (SPS, DEC, Credits)

In the last part of this series we looked at the different card packs and card editions that exist

Why I am selling my SPS?

I guess I can say that I am a Splinterlands OG, I participated in the original Kickstarter and played it when it was Steemmonsters.…

Why I paid $29.38 for the First Chaos Legion Pack on the Market

I Paid $29.38 for the First Chaos Legion Pack on the Market! Yippee Wow, what a NIGHT! Did anyone stay up for the exciting event? I did…

Splinterlands AMA Summary for October 15, 2021

Splinterlands AMA Summary for October 15, 2021 *Please note: I am covering as much as I can, as fast as I can; there will be typos, and…

Splinterlands - The winner takes it all in the Brawl Wars

Brawl Wars are the ultimate competition where fighters from the same Guild are uniting their forces to thrive over the other Splinterlands…

Splinterlands - 25K SPS Staked - Chaos Legion Presale To Start From Tomorrow

Hello Battlers, Source We are just a day away from scheduled *

I CHALLENGE YOU: Share Splinterlands with ONE Person TODAY!

It's the BEST TIME to Share Splinterlands with Others! This post was inspired by my own personal journey. While it's hard for me to get…

The most profitable Play2Earn games - Part 1

Hello everyone... There is no doubt about the great potential that crypto games can prove to have, as at the time of writing this…

Chao Legion Presale Benefits And The Biggest Opportunity To Earn Money

Hello splinterlords and splinterladies, the chao legion we are waiting for is finally here, we need to make use of the opportunity and…

Splinterlands 101: How to Buy Your Summoner's Spellbook

I started "tumbling down the [Hive] rabbit hole" in September. I haven't stopped yet, and I don't think I'll stop any time soon. We have…

The Best NFT Games Free to play... backed by Ubisoft?

Since I started Splinterlands, I've been looking to try new NFT games. Like I said in a few posts, when I realized all the potential of…

Finally, crawl up to Silver 3 today. Splinterlands is such an unforgiv ...

Finally, crawl up to Silver 3 today. Splinterlands is such an unforgiving land but luckily I met my savior, @gregory-f. He sent help in…

Playermon is now listed in CoinMarketCap!

Sharing yet another great news: We are now listed in CoinMarketCap! So what is CoinMarketCap? CoinMarketCap is the worl

Chaos Legion Pre-Sale Will Begin Within Hours. Are You Ready?

The pre-sale of card packs of the new Chaos Legion collection is eagerly awaited by many Splinterlands players, myself included. Hours…

Splinterlands Season Rewards (60 Loot Chests) in Diamond I League

EN Now the season is a few days over. In the last season I could place myself again in the Diamond I league..

Proper 1UP POST featuring PSYBER X on HIVE,

"We’re exc

I'm All In on SPS! - I'll Show you Why Splinterlands is a Great Investment

I just bought more than 2,000 SPS tokens and I'll keep buying more and more: Splinterlands is a Great Investment and I will show you…

Curation Trail: Climb Aboard!

How the Curation Trail Works! All Aboard! Have you ever had someone give you friendship bread? Or maybe when you were younger, the…

Double Dance with Dragons: Dragon Splinter Battles on the boarder of Diamond and Gold!

Friends, I've been getting my butt kicked around the Splinterlands for the last 48 hours and, you know wh