LEO Tokenomics

What will be your biggest achievement in your life with the help of POB?


POB Power Up - Weekly Update - 26/07/21 - Target Smashed Again

Hey folks, Graham here again with another weekly update on my progress powering up #pob here on #proofofbrain. I am happy to say I…

Brofund Payouts and Holdings as of 0723 - Mooning Holdings

Hey guys happy weekend! I hope everyone's doing great today. I'm here again to share the BRO numbers as of this week. If you're reading…


So I've been acquiring and powering up more Proof-of-Brain tokens recently. I now own around half a percent of all tokens in supply.…

Drama Gem Discovered

I found this little gem a couple days ago. Should have shared i

Results of the 3rd votation on Weekly Dividends

[Authored by @empoderat] Dear LBI holders, According to the last post , I'm sharing the results of the last votation (in voting o

Cent/Pob Liquidity Pool Active

Hi. We launched the Hive/Cent pool, our first liquidity pool, two months ago. So far, around $3,000 has been traded in the Hive/Cent pool.…

#Piratesunday; 2013 Canada 20 Dollar 300th Anniversary of Louisbourg

”Blackbirds tend to like shiny things.” ~ The Bloody Raven Numismatic coins tend to have a high premium relative to their commodity…

Promoting POB on a large scale on HIVE

source Promoting POB is an important part of the POB tribe. POB should be made popular through publicity. It is difficult to set up any…

The B Word Conference Motivated These Celebrities To Buy Bitcoin

I wasn’t joking and I meant it when I said I’m going to tell my kids this was the fantastic four because they proved to be crypto…

POB and its current price situation

POB is currently at less than 0.7hive and that is about $0.19 based on the current price of hive...…

Blockchain Looking Undisputed So Far

Due to an operation called operation exchanged, the Brazilian police has been able to sized $33 million from a crypto exchnage. Claimed…

Not every day will be a victory

Source Not every day we can claim victories. Not all wars will win... And that's the "grace" of life. Even becau

Market Watch: Scraping Rocks at $28k

THAT ESCALATED QUICKLY! As predicted, the alt market got a bit stomped on the way down to $30k, no surprises there. Volume isn't at…

$1.2 billion Liquidated By Bears Over The Past 24 Hours

After bitcoin rose to 12.5% increase in the past 24 hours, the price hit to $39,850 making the price the highest so far since June. But…

Will Bitcoin take off and surprise everyone?

We are all eagerly waiting for what could happen next to Bitcoin. With the world busy with the Olympic Games, traders keep staying up on…

SPS airdrop, the DEC pump and why not SPT too?

Everyone is excited by the upcoming launch of the splintershards (SPS) token. The air drop is coming 26th of July. This means that if…

Updates to SportsTalkSocial Interface

I wanted to share some updates to the SportsTalkSocial.com website that should make using the site a bit easier for some sporting fans…

Life always has a different plan for us

This is so true. Well, it is definitely true because whatever I plan for my life always happens exactly the opposite. I didn't imagine…

Welcome Back To $40k Bitcoin Price, Enjoy The Price While You Can

Bitcoin has been consolidating for more than a month. We have seen bitcoin hovering around the $30k prize zone and going above. But in t