LEO Tokenomics

Weekly Statistics For The $POB Token

Hello friends of $POB, Friends of $HIVE and all others, here are the: POB Statistics for the last week: The timeframe is from…

When you go to Facebook and find these great work-from-home options!

Lately I go to facebook and I see how are the notices of "generate 200 per day" "Do nothing and earn money" waoo imagine that hahahaha…

Focus for the long run

Hi, I've had a long discussion with a friend today. I'm on a longer trip trough Europe for this week and use the chance to meet with old…

Are We In A Bubble Or Is It Incorrect Measurements

Hey Jessieconomists I often rant and rave about bubbles in the economy, and do I think there are bubbles? Yes, I think there is a gross…

Building the ultimate Decentralized Scammer tracking system, "DefiScamtrak".

Exchange Attacks Over the past few months we have watched as exchange after exchange has been hacked by scammers with no real recourse…

My first month in POB

The days go by sometimes we don't realize how fast it happens, today a month ago I started my journey on the POB platform Well, my first…

Silver Shield Bard super cute card of the life splinter

Hello, Warrior's let's meet Carrie Allen I mean Silvershield bard. I don't know why Carrie decided to choose herself for this week…

Having debts was the best thing that happened to me financially ...

Source Nobody want

Does Art NFT's Supercharge What Was Already Wrong About Art

Hey Jessiartists I've got quite a lot of backlash on my take on art NFT's and being called salty seeing artists get their just rewards…

A Case For Bitcoin Toxicity

Hey Jessatoshis I don't consider myself a Bitcoin maxi, but I am a big fan of the protocol and the asset. In my portfolio of digital…

Getting Onto Lightning

Hey Jessatoshis The lightning network is a fairly new technology and side-chain hoping to off-load the smaller Bitcoin transactions and…

Shopping, my least favourite activity!

Good for the economy, but that’s about it... A holiday today, and after a mountain bike ride with my wife and some friends this morning…

DE-FI Hacks Are On The Rise

Hey Jessinvestors The bull market is sucking in more capital each day, and while most institutional money is still fully focused on…

Richlist for the week ending 9th May

Its Monday and it is the time to checkout what changed in the rich-list calculated after considering all the parameters i mentioned in my…

18% Off Hive Sale!

Get your Hive for 18% off today and for the next few hours only! ![image.png](

"Nothing is happening on Hive..." This is why you are wrong!

I spend an unhealthy amount of time on the internet and social media and sometimes you come across one or two people moaning just how…

The Mad Genius strikes again

Hi, yesterday, the McAfee of 2021, did another blow to the crypto world. If I had written, had instead of did, it might have been also…

Saturday Savers Club with @susie-saver | Week 20 - Saturday 15 May 2021 - Did you Get Your Cublife Airdrop? What about some Bitcoin? LBI Giveaway | Win EDS Tokens for Comments! Everyone Welcome

Hello Everyone, Welcome to Saturday Savers Club with Susie Saver. So much news this week including a new LBI challenge! Read on ...

DEFI Aggregators Bringing It All Together

Hey Jessinvestors The world of DeFi is still very much in its formative stages and is still fragmented. There are DeFi platforms on…

The third weekly reporting (for the period from 07.05.2021)

Today is Friday, and it's a great time to take stock of the various assets that are directly or indirectly related to the HIVE…