LEO Tokenomics

LEO and CUB Finance are ready for the great awakening

Hive blockchain is witnessing unprecedented growth and that is translated also in its price which skyrocketed to $3. Within the Hive…

Guys guys guys: four airdrops = 4 airdrops


Airdrops for using platforms

Everybody loves an airdrop! Whilst the image above is of people coming from a plane, we all like those coins coming from the air. I am…

$POLYCUB Coming...

from Imgflip Meme Generator #CUB #POLYCUB $CUB $POLYCUB #LEO $LEO Posted Using [LeoFinance Beta](

What's going on with HIVE - in 7 days it has gone up 111%. [EN-ES]

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Another missed opportunity, no airdrop for me =(

Good morning, good evening wherever you may be! So 1INCH is having a cool little promotion . Nov 22-No

How do I move my BNB-Cub From Cub Farms to Kingdoms ?

I was able to move my Cub from the Old Cub Den to the New Cub Den on Kingdoms... However ... When I tried to follow the Instructions to…


PolyCUB Tokenomics Intro


source Usually when it is raining, it is not fun to stay outside unless you want to get wet. This morning it was raining nonstop and I…

Daily Crypto Markets Live Blog: Cub On Fire Since Annoucement (11/03/21)

Here is the post for the Daily Leo Talk. In preparation for the upcoming Microblogging features, this is a good place to start…

Leofinance Making Moves

Anyone involved in the @lbi-token project has to be happy with some of the news coming out over the last week. It appears our dedication…

CUB vs POLYCUB, Which Will Be Better?

The main difference (as I see it) between the current CUB on BSC and the upcoming POLYCUB on Polygon will be that CUB has infinite supply…

New Moon November & The Attention Economy

So today is the New Moon. For the last six months or more this has signaled that we are about to enter a bearish period for around two…

Introducing PolyCUB | Preparing for Launch, Tokenomics, Airdrop Details & Partnerships

Polygon CUB has been i

Don’t miss out on the Polycub Airdrop , join EasyDeFi Cub investment Pool today!

Cubfinance air dropping free Polycub… …to Cub Holders staking in three liquidity pools on Binance smart chain. Are you one of…

Leo Finance - Extended portfolio progress report 05-Nov-2021

More than a week has passed since my last Leo Finance portfolio progress and after some earthquake announcements about expanding this…

Introduction to PolyCUB Platform Mechanics | DeFi 2.0, xPOLYCUB, Bonding & $1M+ Airdrop to CUB

▶️ Watch on 3Speak In this clip from Friday's AMA, we gave

PolyCUB Mechanics Spotlight | Protocol-Controlled Value

PolyCUB has shaken up the LeoFinance ecosystem (in all the great ways we expected it to). Building on the lessons learned - successes and…

Learning Around All the Functions On LeoFinance

Source After I had my last child a year ago, I winded down a few things that were taking up most of my time. Golf was one but that is a…

When Polycub?

IMO Leo is not the best in leverage momentum. Announcement into pump into nothing. Nothing we can build hype around. We had a nice pump…