LEO Tokenomics

Powering up to Dolphin Status...

It has been a goal of mine to reach dolphin status on the Hive blockchain for a while now which means i would have to have at least 5000…

Happy Mothers' Day and Belated Delegation Day

[Pud Delegations 1 April 2021.jpg](

Hive Power Up Day - May 1st 2021 - Hive Power Delegation

The Hive Power Up Day (PUD) is taking place on the first day of every month and the next one of 2021 will occur in a few days, on May…

Hive Power Up Day - 1er mai 2021 - Délégation de Hive Power

Le Hive Power Up Day (PUD) a lieu le premier jour de chaque mois et le premier de 2021 aura lieu dans quelques jours, le 1er mai .…

I Made My Commitment And Power Up

Hello there. A week ago, I posted a review about the development of my account in the first two weeks.


This is a call to get you excited for the May Hive Pud. Now still 1 day and a few hours before we all are pudding again.

He did it again! Doubled the HivePower on #hivepud ! #FeelsGoodman

Hey Hivers, as you know today is another Hive PowerUP ( #hivepud ) day and I did it again. I scraped toget

Celebrating #HivePUD By Powering Up 100 HIVE 💪😎👍

Finally, it's that time of the month ;) when we get to do something great with our Liquid Hive i.e to power it up. Although I have been…

1. Mai - Power Up Day auf HIVE

Bildquelle - pixabay Liebe Freunde der Freiheit, liebe Mitleser, auf HIVE ist heute am 1. Mai wieder ein Powe

HiveBuzz Power Up Day - I powered up 10 HIVE COINS

I powered up 10 HIVE COINS

MAY DAY - It's Hive POWER UP Day again! - MAY DAY

Hello Hive, it's #hivePUD #hpud #Hive PowerUP Day again, this time it's on the International Workers' Day , also known as Labour…

HBD - HIVE - MARKET - POWER UP - SELF THERAPY - QUESTIONS - AND A POST ABOUT IT ALL - Maybe the strangest HivePUD post today 😂

Can't believe another month has passed. We have #HivePUD day again and I refer to this post by @hivebuzz or this [post](

Hive Power UP Day: Mayo 2021 [ESP/ENG] || #HPUD

Llegó mayo y con él otra oportunidad de participar del Power Up. Una iniciativa donde incrementamo

Hive Power Up - 1° Mayo 2021

Hi Hive, Today is #hivepud #hpud! I'm so happy that I got delegations from past 1st april power up, as I ended up in 3rd position for…

[ESP-ENG] Hive Power Up 1ro de mayo 2021 📊 - Dando amor a Hive / Hive Power Up May 1, 2021 📊 - Giving Love to Hive

Power Up 1ro de Mayo 2021

May 1st HivePUD .:. Back to Roots

Yes! The midnight has passed, so we are officially in May... I can do my HivePUD and power up my liquid Hive! Hehehehe... Yes, I could do…

[Powered Up] May's 2021's #HIVEPUD

Despite being relatively active on D.Buzz, the month of April was my slowest months on HIVE this year. Anyway, this is HIVE Power Up…

May 01 2021 - Hive power up day - 5k Goal Incoming

#HivePUD day again, I missed last month so I had to make sure to hit it this month. If you don't know what I am talking about you can…

Powering Up Leo

I am very late to the party but there's always something new to learn. I just powered up 8 LEO and learning more about CUB. I got into…

Hive Power Up Day - 1 de mayo de 2021 - Delegación de Hive Power

El día de Hive Power Up (PUD) toma lugar el primero de cada mes y el primero del 2021 ocurrirá en tan solo unos días, el 1ero de mayo…