LEO Tokenomics

Polygon Gains around 40% after investors pour in $250B !!!

MATIC cost got close to 40% increase as crypto market feeling works on right after a remarkable $250 billion rally. Polygon (MATIC)…

New Principle of HBD Stabilization

The HIVE-backed dollar (HBD) is an integral part of the Hive Blockchain and its economy, if not the most important hedge against…

Market Volatility

A trading inѕtrumеnt'ѕ рriсing strategy per unit of timе. Accordance with thе рrеviоuѕlу оbѕеrvеd аnd recorded dаtа, vоlаtilitу allows…

Looks like Stacking is back on the menu

Every freaking time that the price of Hive drops, a lot of us stop writing, or at least post less frequently. I'm not a psychologist -…

62k HIVE

50k Only ~10 months ago, I wrote a post about achieving 50k Hive Power: It feels like yesterday. 62k Today, I am the owner of…

This crypto market collapse is temporary like all the others

HIVE has lost almost 80% since the jump we had a couple months ago, so now probably isn't a great time to sell for fiat. But after 4.5…

What's going on for the crypto market is depend on next few days and afterward.

Hello crypto investor and lover all around the corner of world. Today's hot news is IMF and USA government is still pressurised upon El…

Today's market price at the last moment of the day

Hello everyone's At the end of the day in the last 24 hours today BTC position looks good, most cryptocurrencies including BTC have…

Is THIS the Bitcoin Reversal We've Been Waiting For?

In the past 3 days, the price of Bitcoin has been rising little by little. January 24 - up 3.2% January 25 - up 1.3% January 26 - up…

Hive price

Hive now at Rank - 154 Today low $0.72 and high $0.85 ![img_0.07323308129115723.jpg](

Bitcoin hasn't changed its strategy !

Bitcoin seems having a good and solid strategy to change the world. More than 13 years passed since the creation of bitcoin. Many other…

Now HIVE and BTC market price

Dear Hive friends, **Good morning, we all want to wake up and start the morning with good news. But is it really so? Maybe one day we…

Steps to consider before trading with technical analysis that are necessary but often overlooked.

There iѕ nо Golden Stаndаrd indiсаtiоn thаt can еnѕurе рrоfitѕ in thе cryptocurrency mаrkеt, аѕ mоѕt tесhniсаl аnаlуѕiѕ сlаѕѕеѕ would tеll…

At What Price Will YOU Buy SPS?

Oh, Splintershards (SPS), how low can you go? At the moment, SPS, stands at $0.11. It wasn't too long ago, in October 2021, that…

BTC: The Silver Lining

roughly a week ago, I posted a simple TA of mine that came to fruition just yesterday predicting this crash. Basically, the two most…

Bitcoin Rejected... Heading for Lower Lows?

Following up from my post yesterday, " Is THIS the Bitcoin Reversal We've Been Waiting For? ", I argued that the demand for Bitcoin in…

Are You Buying or Are You Waiting?

Popular Crypto YouTuber, Lark Davis, tweeted this earlier today: Where are all of the people who were crying they missed out on

How will the price of Bitcoin perform in near future?

How will the price of Bitcoin perform in near future? Greetings friends! Bitcoin price has gone down significantly. It is around 35k…

Why Bitcoin Balance on Exchanges is NOT a Good Indicator

What a bloody day on top of a bloody month for the king: B, T, C. Four days ago, this article posted, with a misleading title:…

Market is starting good decent move or may be preparation of another crush.

Hello friends from the crypto world and the investor all over the world from every corner. Once again we are here for observe the market…