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CUB: Quantifying Sustainability

Sustainability is the central subject of interest in any DeFi project out there. Though CUB is only halfway through migrating into the…

Crypto Meme of the Day | Bitcoin Punishment

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BAT Still Has MASSIVE Upside for 2021-2022 (Weekly Forecast)

Basic Attention Token (BAT/BTC) has struggled of late, falling below the 50 and 200 Week EMAs and the 0.00002 BAT/BTC level to about…

Salivating At The Prospect Of Buying Cheaper Coins Later On

Ethereum is under $1900. Doge is at 19 cents. Stablecoins are rising through the ranks of cryptocurrencies. Altcoins are taking a severe…

These Cryptos With Animal Names

Hi everyone. In this short finance/crypto post, I talk about these animal cryptos. As someone who is somewhat relatively new to crypto…

Best Performing Crypto Since COVID Crash? (March 2020-Now)

So we know crypto has outperformed TradFi by a wide margin since the COVID crash in March 2020. But which crypto has performed the best…

Update of favourite crypto coin status on 23-06-2021.

Hello crypto lovers Here is the update of favourite crypto coin status form the source of coinmarketcap.com. We

Crypto Meme of the Day | June 22, 2021

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The Irony

Greetings, fellow sentient beings! This is about iron, actually. About commodities and the way that we look upon those. Recently, I…

Monero's Bull Run Hasn't Even Started Yet (Weekly Forecast)

Monero rallied a bit this past week, rallying slightly in satoshis to about the 0.007 level. More impressively is how XMR has parried much…

Update of favourite crypto coin status on 20-06-2021.

Hello coin lovers Here is my entry for the day of update of my favourite crypto coin status form the source of coingecko.com.…

POB : Market Analysis , a downfall of 20% in the price of POB token.

Did you saw the market of POB on hive engine , if not then go ahead and check out the Market. Since joining the platform i have seen the…

Bitcoin $4T Market Cap by 2022? (June 18 Forecast)

Bitcoin slid a bit further on Thursday, starting the day off around $39K before pulling back to about $37.5K. Bitcoin appears to be…

Bitcoin About to Break Out of Bottoming "Buy Zone"? (June 17 Forecast)

Bitcoin fell a bit on Wednesday, dropping about $1,000 in response to the dovish FOMC minutes alongside TradFi markets which also dropped…

Update of favourite crypto coin status on 20-06-2021.

Hello crypto lovers Here is the update of favourite crypto coin status form the source of coinmarketcap.com. Think about a a good…

Unpopular Opinion: US Monetary Policy Is The Dog That Wags The Tail That Is Crypto

Don't believe me? Maybe you believe Willy Woo, a popular crypto analyst who has been active on Twitter for years. Source:


I learn the benefits of stable coins at the same time for long holding stable coins not suitable. Because it's the price not get any…

ChainLink Near Bottom of Current Range (Weekly Forecast)

ChainLink has continued its pullback, getting rejected from the 200 Week EMA earlier this week before drifting lower to under 0.0006…

What's the Best Performing Asset of 2021 YTD?

In a followup to a similar previous post, I thought it was time to analyze which asset is performing the best so far in 2021. I compared…

Brent today

Brent is up about 0.60% to get around 75.2.