LEO Tokenomics

LeoMobile IOS App Status and Roadmap Through the End of December

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Hive Marketing - A Waste Of Time or Not?

Can We Market Hive For What It Is? I guess that many of you are aware of the different Hive's out there, but this is not about them. This

New Moon December 2021

Oh, imagine that... Another new moon, another 21% crash in the last 24 hours. I am shocked! Shocked I say! [17 hours ago](

Degen December?

So the market obviously isn't doing great right now. I mean I'm not worried because I have the privilege of losing quite a bit more bef

Is a Web3 Summer Possible? | HIVE's Potential Path to $100

▶️ Watch on 3Speak Web3 has started to take control of the crypto narrative. Everyone saw ICOs and then De

How To Best Prepare For The Hive Airdrop Season?

Unless you have been living under a rock you already know that most Hive users will be included in the upcoming airdrop season that…

Stablecoin Farming on Hive DeFi - The SWAP.HBD:SWAP.BUSD LP

How you can profit from stablecoin farming on Hive DeFi. Unless you’ve had your head in the sand, you’ll have heard

The Road To 10 Billion Hive Backed Dollars (HBD)

Stablecoins are turning into a very interesting discussing. There is a lot that is going to change in this realm, especially with…


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I wish it'd never been invented

Ready for blast off? Oh, you thought the recent spikes were it. We haven't even fudding started yet. One indicator of getting…

Binance Releases BEP-95

Binance Releases BEP-95 The crypto markets have been in a bit

Terra (Luna) Surges as new proposal hits the mark

Image source If you have been following by blog you would have noticed that I am pretty bullish on Terra (Luna) Network and have been…

How We're Using Liquidity Pools to Prepare for a Bear Market

▶️ Watch on 3Speak If you've been in crypto through the 2017/2018 crypto winter that lasted all the way in

Meta Block

Last night my mind was blown, yet again. Because last night was the night that I opened my phone only to se

2022: The Explosive Year Of The DAO

By now most of us heard about ConstitutionDAO . This was a project that came together quickly and likely changed the course of…

Time To Stop Talking Web 3.0 And Time To Build It

Elon Musk made Twitter headlines again. He evidently was mocking the proponents of Web 3.0 with a non-supportive meme. When asked, he…


This is the phone of the National Suicide Prevention Line for the US. I hope you secured some profits and you don't need it! They also…

We were all played, money doesn't need to be regulated

The dollar is currently seeing its last days of being the most utilized currency for the foreign exchange markets, the whole facade that…

We need regulations in Crypto and not Bans

I'm not going to point at any country or an individual. I personally think that this technology is very good and it will have to get good…

Food: Dropping As A Share Of Disposable Income

We are repeatedly told how the value of our money is not going very far and we can purchase a lot less than we could in the past. People…