LEO Tokenomics

Automated Hive Posts Using Beem

This post is a continuation of my FinViz project from yesterday. I was trying to create custom reports for potential stock picks of the…

Read Your Favourite Hive Blogs via RSS

Back when blogging was the decentralized social media, we used to consume each other's articles via RSS. We would have convers

HiveDownvoteRewards Dev Stream + Angelic Bogdanoff Calling in the GREAT PAMPENING!

Today I am introducing the stream with a meme that was inspired by a tweet from @edicted. ![image.png](

Playing with DeFi Pulse API

DeFi Pulse provides an API, which allows to gather data about several DeFi platforms. I decided to call the API and do some data…

Authenticating with MetaMask

On a Discord I hang out on, someone asked how you can authenticate using a browser extension wallet. As I already had the code, I

Python Libraries: The Random Splash Voter

Following on from the The [email protected] Pro-Active and Reactive Counter Tool , I wanted to write something a little more positive…

Etherium's Kryptonite is HIVE's Superpower

Much has been written about ETH2 and how it is going to transform one of the major downsides of crypto, but there is an aspect we could be…