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Parsing the Ragnarok Update

Ragnarok Update The DEGENS have been fed! Ah, delicious. We wanted to quickly annou

Ragnarok: The Most Hardcore Strategy Game On The Blockchain?

*Out of the depths of the HIVE blockchain is crawling a monster of a blockchain game, a hattrick of strategy that will scare noobs and…

Mein Senf zu Ragnarok Update

Hallo liebe Community zum Airdrop von @ragnarok.games gab es vor 3 Tagen ein kleines Update . Da wohl e


▶️ Watch on 3Speak Cuando tenga mejor información se las hare saber, igual si alguien que ve el video conoce mas

Ragnarok Logo Submission

I'll begin by saying that I am absolutely not an artist. I have always been told that my art is not so good and that it is not something…

Gli Airdrop rendono i ricchi ancora più ricchi?

Tutte le immagini sono proprietà di dei rispettivi autori Gli airdrops dei giorni scorsi mi hanno fatto molto pensare. Si fa un gran…

Ragnarok: Deckbuilding Poker Chess

YO! The more I read about Ragnarok, the more interesting I think it will

A threat to the stock market?

There is little to no doubt that the omicron version of covid19 will increase investors uncertainty. We can see that countries introduce…

Hive Price is on Set Up of Bowl Pattern - 5,70 USD Target

Hive Price is going to draw bowl pattern. It went down from 3,40 USD to 1,28 USD. RSI resistance has been broken and there is no…

Ladder Anxiety!

What is ladder anxiety? Everyone who has played a competitive

My 2021 in Crypto

Hi there people, it's been a while since I made a blog post on Hive, I'm still here, just not as connected as I used to be. I'm involved…

Last post of the year - A wonderful journey

This is my last post from this incredible 2021, an incredible year for Hive and probably unexpected by most of us. Just 12 months ago the…


Hello everyone, I'm here today to make a tutorial for sending your swap.hive to hive keychain with a few easy steps. What is…

Ragnarok Speculation

The game design post for Ragnarok was quite extensive. We learned a lot from thi

Community Token Talk: Ragnarok is Upon Us! New NFT Game Coming Soon.

▶️ Watch on 3Speak Community Token Talk: Ragnarok is Upon Us! New NFT Game Coming Soon. Game desi

HIVE Markets Down/ HIVE Markets UP (But WHY:RAGNAROK?)

_Overall Bitcoin has been steadily increasing its USD value. It did experience a dip recently but is in recovery mode. As we all know…

All about the next two airdrops on Hive

Two projects will airdrop free tokens or NFT to Hive holders on the 6th of January. Here is your TL;DR. What will I get? Two projects…

Ragnarok AMA, Starting strong, and 10 days to go

I am pleased to say that Hive started the year strong. Actually, this is pretty much the same way we closed 2021, and all we're…

Airdrops Building Upon Communities - 3Speak and Ragnarok

Image Source One of the coolest part of being involved in cryptocurrency is the abil

We Are Going To Need A Lot More HBD

Over the past few weeks we discussed the Hive Backed Dollar (HBD). This was instigated by the article proposing the idea of Hive Bonds…