LEO Tokenomics

The Price of RUNE is stuck in a descending triangle

After bouncing off support about a week ago the price of rune hit its head on the descending trendline and is not far from support…

This is why I invested in RUNE

I'm very new to Hive and to the crypto universe as a whole. In fact, I only really started in crypto when I joined Hive earlier this year.…

Exploring Thorchain - Providing liquidity and my journey so far

Exploring Thorchain If you found out about Thorchain on my account, I’ll be so glad, and if you discovered Thorchain from other sources…

There is a Difference Between Investing and Trading

Most people that dabble in investing are just that, investors. Some people venture down the "trading" rabbit hole. If you have read my…

Trading RUNE Futures to get the Blood Pumping!

Last week's sell off made for some big volatility and trading opportunities, however the ride was anything but smooth and the double dip…

I'm in the Kingdom!

Cool. Now what? I'm not complaining. I need to say that upfron

Whats the best place to stake RUNE?

Hello, SPIer's. I had planned to write a post today about the positive upswing in the crypto market but since I've arrived home, I see I…

The Price of Rune Moving Back to Support

About a week and a half ago I sold out of the rest of my rune trade. At first I wondered if I'd get a chance to buy it again lower as I…

Thorchain RUNE

THORCHAIN It as of late dispatch trade between decentralized local monetary standards even coins. Monetary consultant is something…