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Be careful - you might get a FREE FAKE hardware wallet

Fraudsters get Bitcoin with fake hardware wallets Hey Hive Family be careful with some free gifts As I just read about…

Did the FBI really manage to hack Bitcoin network?

For the past few days, I guess most of you guys have noticed that the media has been busy covering the news about the Colonial pipeline…

How to Secure Your Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies?

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EasyFi Network Interim Compensation Plan

In the wake of recent security issues and the network’s strides towards resolving the incident, EasyFi is out with a juicy new package to…

Lessons from the Hack: Thankful for LONG powerdowns!

I'm going to be Captain of the Obvious in this post - but sometimes, the obvious is SO obvious, that we fail to recognize the BEAUTY of…

Government Jobs Are Overrated || And Why I Don't Depend On Them

***All of us have a reason and goal(s) being (active) here on Hive, otherwise you wouldn't be here I presume. Some of those are very…

Got hacked, now what?

First of all. Cry. LOL I'm so not kidding. Just - cry. It's ok. I will cry with you. You will absolutely go through the 5 stages…

Understanding dash coin a privacy coin


The Importance Of Security

After months of stalling, I finally spent an entire day going through all of my apps, wallets, accounts, etc. to verify and strengthen my…

🔑🦸‍♂️ [monthly report - May 2021]

@keys-defender activity report for the month of MAY   ht

Cybercrime in times of the coronavirus .

Written by: Diomer Antonio Galán Rincón. Bachelor's Degree. Public Accounting / MSc.Science of Higher Education.

Lessons from the Hack: "It's not chores. It's Mayan."

Say that out loud. "It's not chores. It's Mayan." Do you hear it? This is a running joke in our family. M

EasyFi Partnership with Halborn: Audit and Total Security

In light of the recent Security Incident that was experienced on the network, EasyFi has secured a major partnership with one of the best…