LEO Tokenomics


Source Cryptocurrency is a way of payment that can be exchanged online for goods and services. There are many comp

Shiba Inu is the largest crypto holding among Ethereum whales and could soon be the most profitable one

• According to Whale Stats data, the largest ERC-20 token holdings of Ethereum whales is Shiba Inu. • AMC recently announced the…

SHIB coin: Why is the Shiba Inu cryptocurrency crashing?

If you want an example of how volatile the cryptocurrency market can be, look at what’s happened to the Shiba Inu coin over the last two…

Shiba inu in a good range

Shiba inu shib is in a good range and making triangle pattern . It is now in cons

Shiba reached support, good news for NY residence

After decreasing by 50% since its all time high shiba inu (shib) has reached the first potential bounce area. As it's official,shiba…

Kraken Over Promised and is now Under Delivering

Kraken is breaking its promise After tweeting earlier this week that it would list the Shiba Inu coin—on its platform by Tuesday if the…

The shitcoins and memecoins that I have

I have been buying coins for fun. Some are shitcoins and some are memecoins. With the bull market, it is as expected that even shitcoins…

5 lakh req. For listing shiba inu in Robinhood.

5 lakh + req has been signed in change.org for listing of shiba inu in Robinhood

Samoyedcoin (SAMO)

Samoyedcoin (SAMO) is a meme coin created by Solana. SAMO ~ more than just a meme. It was inspired by Dogecoin, Sam…

Is The Dip Over For $Shib? [I didn't listen to my Intuition]

For about a few hours now, I have been monitoring the price and RSI movement on $Shib. In this post, I will be sharing with you what my…

Shiba Inu available in Wealthsimple Trade in Canada

Shiba Inu token is now available in Wealthsimple Trade in Canada for trading. Wealthsimple Trade is often times compared to Robinhood…