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In Hindsight I Still Think Starting dCity is a Good Idea

In a time where people search for the next big NFT game, it’s this game that has gone through some changes yet still remaining stable from…

My First Week of dCity and Lessons Learned

I saw @poggersdude did a first week in dCity post, and I also started this week. So I was inspired to give my lessons learned. I've been…

Notes from a Novice Trader: Aping into Limit Orders with APE

Limit orders are orders placed to be fulfilled when price conditions are met. Sell when price reaches some level. Buy when p

Bitcoin in El Salvador #2: Taxis, Convenience Stores and SIM Cards

▶️ Watch on 3Speak What is up guys, This will be my first update on the situation in El Salvador, which made

I (still) think SIM:SWAP.HIVE is the best pool

I've been squeezing once again, things cost money and token portfolios do not liquidate easily, they must be caressed in just the right…