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Bajó HIVE - ¿Ahora qué?

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It would be interesting to mine Bitcoin while we have the car parked / Seria interesante minar Bitcoin mientras tenemos el carro estacionado

English Today I heard of two important companies in the sale of cars that are beginning to enter the cryptocurrencies, meaning two…

The melting of cryptocurrencies and lack of optimism.

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Investors do not sell everything, we just increase liquidity / Los inversores no vendemos todo, solo aumentamos la liquidez

English We have already been hearing for several months about a possible crisis coming soon and we can see many data that support this…

Easy money does not exist / El dinero fácil no existe

English One of the thoughts that will lead us to lose money frequently is "easy money exists", since it will lead us to fall into traps…

The secret is in the cycles / El secreto está en los ciclos

English If there is something we have in common as people who seek returns through investment, is that we must be attentive to the news…

¿Un reinicio para el mundo cripto?

No es necesario mencionar todas las noticias referentes a las criptomonedas sobre del bitcoin que están circulando po

Criterios de Curación del Proyecto Aliento

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There is no point in having money if we are stressed / No sirve tener dinero si estamos estresados

English In this article I am going to say something that I think and that I really believe that most people follow the same line of…

Una gran oportunidad para crecer en Hive

Un gran oportunidad se están presentando para crecer más en la blockchain Hive, cuando me refiero crecer es poder

The objectives of Marketing - Situation analysis [ESP] Los objetivos del Marketing - Analisis de situación

LINK To start working on a marketing plan it is necessary to start by carrying out an analysis of the situation, this is necessary

#HiveChat #40 🌎 En Español 📆 24 Junio 2021 ⏰ 8pm (Vzla) - 12am (UTC) || Twitter Chat 🐦

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We will achieve only what we work for / Conseguiremos solo aquello por lo que trabajamos

English We all want to achieve something, no matter how big or small our goal is, we will always want to achieve something, and for this…

POB Token: Will you keep believing in its future?

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Cable TV or Streaming Channel? Make Your Choice.

This publication was also written in SPANISH and PORTUGUESE . [Gadget Freeks](

Precios bajos en Hive ¿hora de abandonar? || Low prices at Hive - time to give up?

A los que ya tenemos tiempo activos en la plataforma, la caída de los precios del Hive solo nos traen un poco de malestar y de manera…

Debemos creer en Hive

Con la gran bajada de las criptomonedas, el Hive no se ha quedado atrás y también bajo su precio considerablemente, repitiendo la

I guess we're back to square one (cryptos) / Supongo que volveremos al inicio (criptos)

English These last few days have been full of blood in the crypto markets, with drops going up to 80% from their last price peak (case…

Dear Hive... Will you give me this opportunity again?

What's up people, how are you? I'm making this post to share my opinion about the cryptocurrency market. I may or may not be right, no one…

The objectives of Marketing - The competition [ESP] Los objetivos del Marketing - La competencia

LINK In the situation analysis we have a section that is "The competition" and it is very important, the id