LEO Tokenomics

Data On The Splinterlands SPS Token | Transfers, Staking, Supply And Top Accounts

The SPS token has been around for a few months now. It was launched at the end of July 2021. Since then the supply has increased following…

Hive-engine in the red, SPS going down and chaos comes in three days

I finally got back to my laptop and what do I see? A bloodbath in Hive-engine waiting for me. I'm not even trying to be poetic, this…

Expand the passive earnings by renting unused cards in Splinterlands

What an amazing innovative feature of renting cards in Splinterlands! Beginners can rent cards in order to get the Collection Power to…

My Splinterlands Chaos Legion Plan and Rental Strategy Update

Chaos Legion is going to be released in a few weeks and I have set up my plan for buying packs. Splinterlands is the application that lead…

End of holiday, the rat race and monetising another hobby

We've finally come to the end of our two-day crypto holiday in Abuja. The reason I called it a crypto holiday is because all the…

My LeoFinance Post Made Top Performer (HiveBuzz)

A Post About My Post Yup, I really am that cheeky. I really am going to type out a post about my own post in which I just created days…

Staking Cub, Staking SPS and aggressively chasing Chaos Legion packs

Sundays always feel weird because is it a weekend or the start of the week? Chronologically, we could say it's the first day of the week…

Youngest Nigerian on Hive, Crypto for kids and the next generation

I just ran into the @exceltogaming that's owned by a 12 year old Nigerian named Ifunaya. I'm not going to lie, I'm extremely impressed and…

Crypto Holiday; Splinterlands, Hive discussions and 100% crypto funded

So I and my wife decided to take a trip to Abuja from Kaduna to have some fun. In that time, I also had the opportunity to visit my…

Are you excited for an official Launch of Chaos legion?

Heya splinterfella's Only 4 days and 4 hours left for an official launch of Chaos legion. Many splinterlander will celebrate th

The Timing Couldn’t Have Been More Right!

source [It just so happens t

My Experience with Hive Blockchain (After 1 Year). Leo Finance & Why This May Be The Place For You

▶️ Watch on 3Speak Today I talk about Leo Finance, Hive Blockchain and why Decentralized Social Media ma

Switching Lanes And Taking Shortcuts

Just a regular day at the office. I have been trying to acquire some more LEO with 240 something HIVE I've had sitting idle over at…

Splinterlands NFT Game is The Safest Place of Crypto Market

Today All Crypto Market is down. It is the most bloody day since 19th May. While those who opened long positions lost, the holders in the…

Splinterlands Chaos In A Week What To Expect

Splinterlands Chaos In

Upcoming Chaos Strategies

Chaos Strategies After I wrote this heading, I suddenly realize that by definition "Chaos" is counterproductive to any strategies! Yet I…

Taking too much Credit

I have made it no secret that I have been extending my investment into Splinterlands of the last few months and while I am not a large…

XCHAOS packs - I am buying some!

Okay friends, I have another great one for you today - XCHAOS! Check out the posts on the @chaos.air account for all the official…

Crypto holiday, short trip and missing Splinterlands

It's the festive time of the year and lots of people are gearing up for Christmas. I'm also in a celebratory mode but before we even start…

Splinterlands musing: Depressing rewards, and opportunity

I normally look forward to the end of the season because of the sexy rewards. It's the time when my deck usually gets a major boost in…