LEO Tokenomics

LEO Finance is the best source of crypto investment opportunities

Each of us found a home on HIVE blockchain through the established communities from here and mine is Leo Finance. Why have I chosen LEO…

Hive Progress Report on 19-September-2021

Hive blockchain is the place to be as you can earn from multiple layers of communities. One thing that I have learned since I am in crypto…

If You Had 100k $DEC To Spend

I read a post this morning from @jonnycoin titled ***[If You Had 100,000(~$500) DEC To Spend](

Hive Price Dumps Today

Hive price fluctuation effects all of us who are on hive blog and on hive Blockchain either playing NFT based games like Rising…

How much can you earn in a week playing Splinterlands?

Splinterlands is an innovative play-to-earn blockchain game built upon the power of NFTs. The game operates on the Hive blockchain, it is…

Tell me your favorite new reward card, Giveaway - 2 x Undead Rex or 2 SBI

I must have done something wrong when I was scheduling the post so it never went out and I didn't get the chance to remake it until now.…

Huobi Ventures Invests $10M in GameFi - Why not Splinterlands?

GameFi is still in the early phases of its potential. With the growing interest triggered with the profitability of Axie Infinity; the…

Splinterlands - Hidden Gem's in New Reward Cards?

It seems with the new reward cards out it maybe applicable to write about which cards I recommend as being great cards to own since not…

You've got to start somewhere!!

_If I am being honest, it is the first step which is the most hardest one to take, in order to make changes to your destiny! So much to…

Splinterlands By The Numbers

It's been a crazy few days in the Splinterlands marketplaces and I could talk a lot about it but instead of just my observations. How…


In today's article, we will be discussing the passive income in @splinterlands. You start the game with $10 and all costs beyond that are…

Splinterlands growth and exciting times

Splinterlands is a game that was growing slowly but steadily and there were many players on the Hive blockchain such as myself who were…

This is why you should add these monsters to your deck

There are new monsters on the block and in my previous post , I enquired about your

Splinterlands should have an Ability card filtering for better management

Splinterlands is the blockchain game of the moment and one thing I have always admired about the team leading this project is that they've…

Splinterlands Shopping Spree || Trying not to be left out...

Splinterlannds is a game of Addiction! Well, in a good way of course! While, the game is becoming very much costly as days are passing by.…

The tools for your SPS strategy

▶️ Watch on 3Speak Lately, a lot of people have been trying to optimize their SPS return from the daily airdrop an

5 Popular Blockchain Trading Card Games To Earn Crypto

Getting paid for playing games is one of the best jobs in the world. 2021 has seen an immense rise in Blockchain gaming, all thanks to the…

What are you staking on Hive today?

On numerous occasions, I've talked about my quest for developing multiple streams of passive income. To achieve that, I often look out for…

What do you think about the new reward cards?

So the monsters are out on the loose and they've been spotted in different parts of the land. They come in different shapes, sizes…

Battling for Splinter Elites

For some time I have been part of the Splinter Elites guild on Splinterlands . They are a friendly bunch and we have fun competing…