LEO Tokenomics

Blockchain Games Are on the Rise and We're Not Talking About Axie Infinity

Blockchain games are seeing an expanded number of individuals on their foundation. While the continuous pandemic certainly moved gaming…

ONEUP Liquidity Pools are the sweetest on TribalDex

1UP community makes the right moves at the right time and while this tribe is fresh like the hot breath they moved quite fast and…

Is PSYBER X the next groundbreaking blockchain game on Hive?

I got onboard on Splinterlands since its inception, participation in the presale, and that rewarded me unimaginably. Now there is another…

How to undelegate if you typed the wrong account?

Guys help! I delegated my SPT to the wrong account! Instead of @monster-curator I typed @moster-curator and now I don't know how to…

How to Earn Curation Rewards Passively Through Curation Trails

If you're new to Hive, you may not know about one of the best ways to ea

Why is SPS Price dropping?

SPS Price has been falling ever since it's high from October 11th. But why? The game is still growing with more than 10k newly active

Two more days until my first batch of Chaos Legion packs!

Yep, excitement grows day by day, with every drop of vouchers. I'm now only two days away from buying my first 100 Chaos Legion packs…

Splinterlands: SPS Future Price Movement & Technical Analysis

Since Chaos Legion pre-sale we have seen a marked drop in SPS of over 40%. In this video we explore some technical analysis strategies in…

Speculating on Splinterlands - Screw Dr. Blight, Just Give Me the Money!

Practice makes perfect, so they say. In my case right now, it is precisely the daily practice of claiming my SPS airdrop, staking it right…

Will the no-$DEC policy for lower tiers be enough to fight Splinterlands bots?

Hello HODLers and Summoners, Playing a little bit of Splinterlands, I was suprised to not get any DEC rewards after winning some…

SPS: a Beginner Friendly Technical Analysis

Before I begin, I must say that these are not financial advice and these are merely my thoughts that I wish to share with the communi

The Chaos Legion presale event is live!

Greetings summoners! The Chaos Legion presale event is live and we want to share a brief summary of how it works to help you make the…

dCrops Quest Rewards are Live!

With all the hype surrounding the Chaos Legion pre-sale on #Splinterlands I thought I should point out the fact that there are…

Stake CAKE, Earn SPS

With a recent fascination with daily $SPS airdrops and Chaos Legion packs presale various #defi platforms are eager to devise new ways…

Can you win a Splinterlands battle with not even attacking to your opponent?

Of course you do, you just have to play smart and outplay your opponent. In this battle the restrictions was poison and odd mana monsters…


It can be gleaned that almost everything in Splinterlands is falling. The DEC is falling; The Splinterlands token is bearish;…

A dagger in the back - Splinterlands Weekly challenge

It's always fun to try challenges. We can test cards that we do not usually use in various circumstances. Thanks to @splinterlands for…

Top 50 Voucher and Chaos Pack Holders

Ok we all know the market is a bit crazy by now, who would have thought $18 vouchers and $12 packs was going to be a real thing. So let's…

Splinterlands Diary #97 - Retaliate, Opportunity 능력 덕분에 이겼다

마나 캡 14의 배틀이었다. 마나가 낮아서 카드 선택에 제한이 있었다. 어떤 카드를 선택하냐에 따라 승패가 좌우된다. 이걸 쓸까... 저걸 쓸까... 일단 1번째 카드는 Cerberus가 적합하다 판단했고, 탱크 힐링도 필요하여…


10 Ways to Earn in Splinterlands ![image.png](