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Digitization of Sports Ticketing: A Pathway to Improving Blockchain and Crypto Adoption

Over thew past few years, blockchain-based cryptocurrency has proven to he safe as well as a more transparent option in financial…

Citizens of El Salvador Protest Against The Bitcoin

I feel the protesting citizens have a great point towards the President’s bitcoin law. The President proposed a Bill for bitcoin to be…

Is is a good time to invest on Splinterlands cards and DEC?

Is is a good time to invest on Splinterlands cards and DEC? Greetings friends! I have noticed that price of DEC (native tokens of…

Newbies: What Is HiveWitness

I can remember my first time on Hive, I was seeing a lot of things I have no idea what they meant. My very first day, I decided to read…

Why I delegated to AMR's engagement project

Every Week... Without fail @amr008 comes out with a post like this every week. It is a big list of people who delegate their…

OLICRYPTO - the GREEN NEW DEAL and the 2nd prize distribution

We are in the middle of 2021 and things are slowly going back to normal ... the new normal. Tennis tournaments are going forward and…

Tokens I'm Interested in and Staking

Hi, I'm @ahmetay. With this account, I create and curate content in communities that interest me. I added CENT after BROADHİVE and SPORTS…

CoinDCX Becomes First Crypto Brand To Sponsor Cricket Sports

Hello Cricket Lovers,

My First Training Session

Football ⚽ and I have been together since when I was very young. I remembered back then the only special joy I had was the times I play…

The Club1BCH Fantasy League is heading to the semifinals

The show must go on! We had four amazing quarter finals and Italy, Spain, England and Denmark were the performers of the round and are one…

Coin Review Series Episode 1: Olympic Coins FIX

Morning, Afternoon or Evening where ever you are in the world. SilverGoldHunter here And today I am starting a brand new coin series…

UFC signs a 10-year $175m deal with crypto.com

Ultimate Fighting Championship logo from wiki Did you hear, UFC and Crypto.com have signed a deal! According to this article on…

Let's Welcome another sport team to Socios Family!!!!

Hey all, SilverGoldHunter back on again, Just recently I've just have heard that Socios have another partnership with BOSTON…


Hello members, i am new in Leofiance. before joining the community, i have been reading and gathering information about the community.…


Image source Euro2020 round of sixteen resumes tomorrow as Wales battles Demark in the first round of sixteen fixtures,with bot

Good Buy or Bad Buy ?!! EP4: Argentine Football Association

Morning, Afternoon or Evening where you are in the world. SilverGoldHunter here From yesterday's episode where I was discussing…

The #Club1BCH Fantasy Football final clash - Italy v England

The show must go on! We had two contested semifinals and both required extra time after the 90 minutes. England won with a goal scored in…

Crypto.com On Display At UFC 264!

Well that didn't take long, the sponsorship was only announced last week and already fighters walked out to the official weigh-in event…

Chiliz e Socios alla Conquista del Mondo Sportivo!

Ciao Amici!

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Trophy on a Blockchain

NFTs are revolutionizing the sport industry, this is a ground breaking idea and using one of the most loved football player as one of the…