LEO Tokenomics

Spinvest-leo weekly update post 29-May-22

Welcome to the weekly update post for @spinvest-leo, where I (@jk6276) record on chain for transparency our transactions for the week, and…

DEC Stacking (+5,000) and the Future of my SPS Holdings

Dark Energy Crystals (DEC token) is the in-game currency token for [Splinterlands play-to-earn game](

18 Mil SPS Burned & 2K Licenses Sold In 10 Minutes!

Gone In 660 Seconds Splinterlands did it again! The presale of SPS Validator node licenses happened yesterday and they were soldout…

Buying Splinterlands Validator Node - Strategy in Tranche 2

It took 10 minutes for Splinterlands Validator Nodes to be sold out. Considering the growing popularity of the game, it is not a…

The Future Is Soon Here - Satoshi Chain Important Information (Smart Contracts On Bitcoin Chain), Secure Your BTCs (Bitcoin Satoshi) Tokens While You Can Get Them For FREE!

Satoshi Chain, Enables Smart Contracts On Bitcoin Chain (DeFi, NFTs,DAO etc...) One of the headlines for me in crypto this year is…

SPS had a very nice pump today and all the presale Node licenses were sold off

Let me start with the fact that we have about 62 days for the SPS airdrop. That is the only chance for us to get SPS cheap. Today there…

Built my warchest. Now what

Somebody asked me what my ultimate goal with Splinterlands was, actually, the conversation stemmed from having to capitulate and sell o

Why I Bought TWO SPS Validator Node Licenses...

I am indeed the proud owner of not one but TWO SPS Validator Node Licenses... Although I do wish I had more to show for it than…

Earn SPS while you hold Bro

Earn SPS while you Hold Bro @raymoundspeaks continues to deliver for the Mancave and their native token Bro which provides dividends…

Hive Strong NODES evolve


SPS Validator Node Licenses Seem like A Bargain to Me...

I think that running an SPS validator node is going to offer one of the best returns in the @Splinterlands ecosystem over the next few…

Splinterlands - SPS Burn, Validators, & Vouchers

▶️ Watch on 3Speak In todays video we go over the validator license

Grinding my way to Gold 1

Hello everyone, Yes, it has been another long while I haven't updated my blog, well mostly due to work and other stuffs but I have been…

Danger of always using the same Tactic!!

▶️ Watch on 3Speak Danger of always using the same Tactic!! Predictable o

Gone in 10 Minutes: Did I Make a Mistake Betting on Validator Node Which Could Go Up 20X | Investing Lesson of Uncorrelated Price Movements

I have wanted to buy a Validator Node License since it announced despite not liking the fact that payment had to come in the form of SPS…

Selling a little SPS on (what I think is) the Pump...

I've been steadily accumulating SPS over the last several months, and harder since it dipped below $.10..... And I think the Validator…

Inji to twitter Polycub and SPS shill

$SPS can now be staked as a derivative on th polygon network It will earn you close to 90% APR if paired with #polycub the native token of…

SPS Recovered Luna Crash Loss Thanks to Coming License Presale

SPS Price went up above 0.10 USD again. This level was to solid support for SPS price. Due to Luna Crash, SPS price went down to 0.05 USD…

"Rewards are reduced by the % of starter cards used" (2022.05.25)

Pfff. This is the first time I see this message in Splinterlands, so probably it is a new "addition". I really cannot find the words to…

Splinterlands new reward card tiers/ratings & analysis

The new #Splinterlands reward cards are almost here! I'm very excited about this card set and wanted to share my thoughts on how I'd rate…