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Terra Luna - A Round Trip Journey To The Moon

It has been an interesting and eventful week in the crypto world. Bitcoin and other crypto assets dropped significantly in price. For some…

Comdex's stablecoin announced.

As the dust settles on the UST/LUNA debacle, and many in crypto-land are licking their wounds, an announcement from the team at Comdex has…

HBD is the Best Stablecoin - what is the Selling Point for your Favourite?

The excitement in cryptocurrency adventure seems to be watered down each time there is a bearish market as we presently experience. This…

DEI - Another Stable Coin On It's Death Bed

Welcome to retardville, where people have more brains than sense and end up with a few cents where there used to be a few dollars. Yet…

I am staying away from algo stablecoins, HBD included

Hi HODLers, I just wanted to update you on my stance on Stablecoins following the LUNA/UST nightmare... Image Source I wrote a…


Fantom Stablecoin DePegged! 00:00 It's taco Tuesday 00:34 #Crypto market overview 01:13 #Bitcoin market update 02:00 DEUS FINANCE…

Stable Coins And Regulation

source I think this was bound to happen as what we have witnessed over the few days has been the total opposite of stable. We all know…

May 16th 2022 - Luna Is a Harsh Mistress

A week has passed since the collapse of LUNA and UST began, but right now it seems obvious that we have witnessed arguably

Patrick Boyle: "Stablecoins are Unstable!" 19.5% for a stablecoin is a ponzi scam. How to protect Hive Dollar (HBD) from a crash?

Patrick Boyle: "Stablecoins sind instabil!" 19.5% Zinsen auf einen Stablecoin ist ein Ponzi-Scam. Wie Hive Dollar (HBD) vor einem Crash…

The Truth Why UST Failed That No One Tells You...

The main reason algorithmic stable coin UST failed was that the foundation behind the Terra system project got “greedy” and allowed way…

Checking out new Kagla and Muuu stablecoin yields on Astar Network: 1800% yield on a stablecoin pool!?!

I'm checking Kagla Finance out right now. It's a new stable swap protocol on Astar Network, which is also

Terra's Catastrophic Failure Will Actually Draw More People Into Cryptocurrency

▶️ Watch on 3Speak Hey guys, how are you doing? I hope you're holding on

LUNA hyperinflated, blockchain halted, can it come back? Worst case would be a crash of Tether USDT.

LUNA ist hyperinflationiert, die Blockchain wurde angehalten, kann LUNA zurückkehren? Worst-Case wäre ein Crash von Tether USDT. Die…

How people in South Africa can beat Inflation

How people in South Africa can beat Inflation Image Source In South Africa the average interest rate of bank savings


Cryptos currently is experiencing alot of dip which has been a concern to many investors and the dip has caused a very big loss in the…

Is Stablecoin the Answer to All Cryptocurrency Problems? - investopedia.com

Shobhit Seth reports in investopedia.com that "stablecoins are a newer breed of cryptocurrency gaining

When the Moon takes the Eart like $LUNA <-> $UST, amassing crash, take ...

When the Moon takes the Eart like $LUNA $UST, amassing crash, take note, was predicted by Moonfall movie. #leofinance #crypto #luna…

Terra Luna became the 19-th biggest Bitcoin holder

Terra Luna just became the 19-th largest Bitcoin holder. Currently they have just about shy of 40 000 BTC in their reserve. For those of…

March 15th, 2022, Crypto Chartbook – Bitcoin is needed as an alternative

[March 15th, 2022, Crypto Chartbook – Bitcoin is needed as an alternative](

March 8th, 2022, Crypto Chartbook – Bitcoins image boost

March 8th, 2022, Crypto Chartbook – Bitcoins image boost