LEO Tokenomics

Custom JSON - The Magical Power Of Hive Blockchain

Unless you are a Hive wizard or witch, you may not be familiar with all magical powers of Hive. The most powerful of them is custom

Custodial vs non-custodial NFTs: Key differences

Understanding NTFs Nonfungible tokens, or NFTs, are cryptographic assets on a blockchain that represent unique rare items.

NFTs Are Growing On Me... I'm Starting To Get It!

One of my goals for 2022 was to learn more about NFT and DeFi. I really missed the boat on these two technologies. NFTs looked like the…

My First Crypto

I first got involved about halfway through the 2010s. As a younger person, I did not have great computer equipment, and when I did I…

I Just stole a CPU, Making splashes in APE miningclub my first day back!

Evening Blockchain peoplez! Those who have witnessed me making "splashes" in the past are fully aware that Mr.Photo does not "mess…

Technology in 2022 and Hive

Hi. source This week I had time to do a little check during the breaks from the 2 part-time jobs. It seems that in 20

I Wanted to Make a Burn Post to Commemorate HIVE's Dip Below a Dollar

HIVE fell under a dollar. While I suspected that BTC was in for a dip, I was really hoping that HIVE would make a valiant stand at 1.…

Happy Good day

Happy Good day Hiveains,I wish you prosperity

Kazakhastan mining crypto

#Bitcoin drops 39% to $ 42.8 thousand after unrest in #Kazakhstan, the world's second largest cryptocurrency mining center

Leak -- Compromised MEMO key successfully detected

❗❗❗ 💀 ⚠️ 💀 ⚠️ ❗❗❗ It's a new day and another user leaked one of their private keys into the Hive Blockchain.

Secure the Network, what is it worth?

Yo, what is it worth to keep our balance safu in crypto? What is fair, what is unsustainable. If we think about Bitcoin as a major…

The Joke's on Who? Apple Uptrend Bearish Move - Mockery Article

Hi! If Apple moves in crypto we'll face a total craziness in terms of d-marketing, blockchain marketing, which could be something good…

📈📊 'STEMGeeks' Weekly ( Jan 01, 2022 to Jan 07, 2022 ) stat report 📊📈

Hello Guys Here is the weekly update of STEMGeeks (hive-163521) stats 📊📈 report. These stats are generated from posts created…

How to pic or analyse altcoins.

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Burning on the Backside

HIVE will fall until it finds a bottom. That is just the way things work. The best thing that HIVE authors can do at this time is to…

I come today to talk to you about the BIT2ME company

Bit2me * Bit2me is a Spanish company dedicated to the purchase and sa

Hive Protection and Windows Defender Tips for Your PC

Hi! Today I'm here to give you an overview of your Windows, if you use it. Not that I'm advocating for Windows, I'll never do that. Just…

Crypto-focused shopping site rolls out 'buy now, pay later' feature


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I made a mistake setting up this post. Please go to and upvote the following post I burne

Preconditions and postconditions in programming

Definition preconditions and postconditions Preconditions are the conditions that have to be met before a certain piece of code can be…