LEO Tokenomics

Approaching Hive For Success

When opportunity comes knocking, are you willing to respond? Most want to say yes to this question but their actions say otherwise.…

Don't be afraid to lose money

It's not scary, much more scary to be nobody. After all, if you do not take the risk, you will always put on yourself the stigma of a…

Early To Rise As An Entrepreneur

Photo - Unsplash Many young and sometimes older entrepreneurs haven't

Your Belief System Matters As A Businessperson

It's really hard to aim for success, without having a belief in something. There should be some kind of idea that you believe, and that…

Consistency is Key

Consistency is key. Doing something (important) every day. A good way of keeping track and holding yourself accountable is to

Never Assume In Business

Photo - Unsplash What I've noticed in recent times is that people assu

Live the life you love

I came to a business meeting today. They discussed day trading, business, the impact of money on life, worldview, goals and much more. We…

My introduction to ProofOfBrain

Apart from Leo and Hive, I decided to start making POB. As for me, it is a very promising token that will grow in the future, just like…

Back to work

Hello everyone, I returned from a contract, now sometimes posts will be published 2 times a day. I decided to introduce a new type of…

I have a new plan

Yesterday, I received 202 dollars from one of the sources of income. Having looked at this money, I decided that it should be invested in…

How is it works ?

I logged to LeoDex and what I saw. The difference between buying and selling the same amount of hive is 415 POB. I honestly have…

What to expect from the cryptocurrency market in the next 5-10 years?

My vision is this. Now there will be 2 years of growth in the crypto sector, which I will not say about the stock market. After that, the…


Do you need rest or not? You definitely need to rest. It is not possible to work 24 to 7. I felt for myself that working 16-18 hours a…

August Dividends 2021

Photo by Mathieu Stern on

Library as a sacred place

I lost a lot in my time. I have not read the books. I only started reading books when I was finishing high school. After the first book, I…

My first 100 hp

I am very glad to share a small victory, I believe that this is the beginning of something big. After today's side hustle decided to use…

Crazy market

Bitcoin is trying to gain a foothold above 50k today. At the moment, it costs 49.5k. Which means that sellers are winning buyers so far.…

It will be a difficult month

Yesterday I invested in 2 projects. in one 3k dollars to another 1300 dollars. I am sure that in the long term it will pay off 100…

Better late than never 10

If you haven't yet started, the second best time is now. Don't wait. Lead. Keep on shipping. Don't stop. Avoid…

1st September, why does everyone think this is a bad date?

The answer is simple, you have to go to school or university. But it seems like nothing like that, forward to knowledge, but no. Let me…