LEO Tokenomics

Why Holding Cashflowing Real Estate Works Well During A Crypto Bear Market

The conversation around which investment is better to hold happens a lot here and on other platforms I create content on. Because I…

How I Scored 1,555 In FREE LEO With This Strategy!

The worst part of Buying the dip is paying the ETH fees, but the Arbitrage from WLEO to LEO price totally made it worth it! 🙌 The Key…

The Absolute BEST Way To Get New Members To LeoFinance!

This post is all about GROWING our community with like minded people who WANT to learn from the strongest knowledge base of active crypto…

The 20 Most Useless College Degrees People Still Major In

The Big Problem The Education system is no longer effective and is designed to train a person for jobs that either don’t exist or are…

The Most Frustrating Question Multifamily Real Estate Investors Ask Themselves

Have you ever thought, "why don't I have the passive income I desire?" The Truth If you have been involved in multifamily real estate…

Money Isn't Everything?

Photo - Unsplash I believe this is a very debatable topic, as most people

Deal With The Person In Charge

Photo - Pexels Many times people make the mistake of relating

Knowing Your Worth

Photo - Pexels It's very important to know your worth as an individual. So

The power of tiny gain

Become better than yourself yesterday. Easy to say, hard to do. But why is it so difficult to develop going forward every day…

Communities That Wither and Die... and Those That Don't

Since the Hive Ecosystem is made up of increasingly many "outlying communities" via the second layer, it's only natural that…

Bitcoin going down and down. Is it time to panic ?

I don't think so. Today we saw 41k for bitcoin this is our main resistance between bullish and bearish market. We are still in good…

Rental Property = Cash Flow

Benefits Of Real Estate As Rental Property Rental property brings the power of amortization, appreciation, depreciation, cash flow, tax…

Abundance.Tribe BiWeekly Question - what success means to me

I really appreciate abundance.tribe for this lovely question for people on the platform to share their own idea or experience on the topic…

My investing plan in 2022

Firstly, I will not panic and sell my assets. I have already fixed all the extra high profits. I will continue to average positions in…

Introduction To The 52 Real Estate Wealth Principles

Are you ready to make more money and do less work? Real Estate Investing has built more millionaires than any other industry, but it isn’t…

Key of success

Dedication A day cannot be missed. You have to work on what, what you want to become better. 10,000 hours of work will make you a master…

How Did I Decide On Building 100 Millionaires?

I was having a conversation with one of my good friends who is building a community of savy investors here in Tampa. After he mentioned…

Being Early At What You Do

Photo - Unsplash You'll always tend to have the advantage when you start a

Road to success in life

Success is widely desired by everyone but it literally takes to get it is only adopted by few individuals. [source](

I Was Interviewed Today On How I Build Millionaires!

I had the awesome opportunity to share my strategy for building Millionaires today! Big thanks to Larry Lawfer for inviting me on to his…