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Taxes on the crypto loom again

The steps taken through South Korea's Ministry of Strategy and Finance to tax crypto income as planned by January 1 might also be an…

Concept. August 23, 2021. Who Paid Federal Taxes in 2020?

This post should be an update for the [August 2, 2021 post](

Pay Your Crypto Taxes Or Risk Jail Time

source **The Receiver of Revenue says crypto is property and not a currency. Countries are making Bitcoin legal tender so that is a…

Simplifying Hive Bookkeeping

Taxes are always a concern here at TravelWriteMoney when it comes to crypto. It is not so much paying the taxes. After all, if you are…

There is no avoiding the TAX MAN

These days it is hard to not pay taxes if you are making some kind of income. Even in Crypto I am lucky as such that I live in…

The seed that will eliminate taxation on crypto

Back in 2015 Bitcoin lightning network was proposed and launched as a beta in 2018. A few thought back then this would be the beginning of…