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#84 Alchemist Nation Real Estate Podcast - Damion Lupo Explains EQRP Tax Advantaged Plan For Investing

▶️ Watch on 3Speak In this Alchemist Nation Real Estate Podcast/Interview, Damion Lupo explains

How Governments Can Do CBDC Right

China has been working on rolling out their Central Bank Digital Currency for some time. It has started as a pilot program in specific…

Is Exchanging Crypto a Taxable Event?

I had the unfortunate experience of having to explain to a close friend that yes trading between cryptos creates what is known as taxable…

Crypto and IRS, Greek Edition. Forologia Kai Kryptonomismata.

Deite to oloi. Xekinaei me to den yparxei kanenas nomos gia na anaferoume. To proseggizoune to thema sfairika kai orthologika, me…

How I deal with Hive earnings, crytocurrencies and taxes

Taxes, what a drag. How do you make sure you're doing the right thing with crypto when doing your taxes? I'm sure they're good for…

Biden Administration Calls For International Action On Crypto Tax Evasion

Thumbnail Source: The Biden administration has called out to the world for international cooperation on crypto tax evasion by sharing

The Economic Impact Of Raising the Corporate Tax Rate to Pay the Tab for Biden's $1.7 Trillion Infrastructure Plan - More Harm than Good?

Photo Source BACKGROUND In March, 2021, the Biden Administration announced the American Job

More Crypto Quotes and Notes

Another round of quotes on Cryptocurrency from people smarter than me. My thoughts in parenthesis. We have elected to put our money…

The Wealthiest Americans Pay Very Little Taxes

By Itrytohelp32 - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Billionaire's Row, NYC

Does Your Job Beat Unemployment?

How much do you really have to make to beat unemployment and kid credits? In this video, I run through some of the analysis of that…

PPP for Gig workers

Yes. Nearly all independent contractors or 1099 workers likely qualify for a PPP loan. If you were driving for DoorDash on or before…

Have you been watching the inflation? How is your savings? How about that 401K? Do you have CDs? - Do you think that works out well?

I suspect most of the people if not all of the people reading this are informed enough that what I am writing about in this post is common…

People, Taxes, Rights And Biasness

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The U.S. Is Sprinting to Regulate Crypto

Sorry, I am starting with a boring quote, but, it is quick. Randal Quarles, the Vice Chair of Supervision for the Federal Reserve made the…