LEO Tokenomics

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As we head into August 2021, the current top performer within the Altcoin Sea

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Would you choose the physical artwork that you can frame on your wall, or take the identical Damien H

Australia prints fiat and has it swindled by "corporate honesty"

I remember when Australia's economic support package Nick named Jobkeeper was being drawn up, I detested it and opposed it. I was shunned…

Is it Altseason? The Altcoin Season Index says August 2021 is Bitcoin Season

Heading into August 2021, the Altcoin S

Cryptocurrancy adoption: Buy and sell using crypto

2021 has definitely been the year of block chain and cryptocurrancy advancement with more and more companies moving to the space not only…

El Salvador Implements Block Chain Technology while Stock Markets move to Block Chains away from the Web

El Salvador continues to push forward its plans to go mainstream with Cryptocurrancy and block chain technology. Further rolling our the…

Reddit implements Arbitrum block chain to reward content creators

source Reddit recently announced it's move to join Arbitrum to reward content curators in a Proof of Stake model. Let's run through a…

Polygon focuses on Web 3 gaming

Recently announced by the growing ethereum compatible network Polygon is a new enterprise to focus on the success of Web 3 gaming built on…

Katana: A satisfying hardware Kickstarter investment!

I have backed quite a number of projects on Kickstarter, and over time, I've come to realise that that backi

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Remember that GenCoin from the TV series StartUp is a fictional cryptocurrency with no real price. If

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Vietnam investigates Legalising cryptocurrancy

It's quite interesting the way the world works and cryptocurrancy has really shown the disparity between nations as each nation races to…