LEO Tokenomics

Crypto Prophecy

Read this before it’s banned in >insert cookie location data here< ##### There is one compulsive obsession in the Cryptoverse that…

My experience so far on technical analysis

Good day everyone! Have been busy trying to get through with the basics of technical analysis from one of my crypto currency tutors, it's…

Custom Trend Following Indicator on TradingView [Published Pinescript]

Hello everyone, it's been a while I've published anything, and today I'm back with something different. Presenting the Retail Insider…

Technical Analysis 101 - Exchanges

I started in crypto a few years back with $800 and pretty much no idea what I was doing aside from a basic understanding of how to make a…

Bitcoin in El Salvador #5: Why Small Businesses Struggle to Accept BTC

▶️ Watch on 3Speak Good day my fellow HIVErs, I hope you're feeling fantastic about the rapid adoption of Bit