LEO Tokenomics

The Growing Value of Cryptocurrency

We see many projections of how much the market cap of cryptocurrency can be worth. To many, the numbers tossed out are absurd. There is…

Fast Forward Future: Are we there yet?

It might seem slow to some, especially those who have haven't been in for long, but the decentralized future that has been touted for…

The Robots Are Coming

This is something that we heard for a number of years. For most, it simply is hype. The reality is robotics has not really penetrated…

3-D Printers: Advancing Us Into The Space Age

Technological convergence is what really advances us forward. While individual technological progress can thrust us forward, we really…

The Pace of Technology: The 1980s and 1990s

Many people have a tough time understanding the pact at which technological change is occurring. There is a reason for this. Since…

Cryptocurrency is currently undergoing its biggest test for adoption.

Sequel to El Salvador’s historics, Ukraine has made moves to legalize bitcoin. DeFi protocols are penetrating mainstream finance as…

NFT.net: Open Source NFT Generator With A GUI for Non-Techies

You have to be ahead the game to be familiar with NFTs. Even if you are familiar with the asset class and technologies involved, it is…

3-D Printing Disrupting Construction

The world of construction is slowly getting disrupted. We are see a lot of new techniques being applied that are radically changing how…

Electric Vehicle Adverts In South Africa - Not Even Close To Being Ready

source I found this quite funny today as this advert came through on my

How important are CRYPTO wallet keys & How do I keep them safe?

Myself trying to explain that I'm no expert BUT NOT A BEGINNER EITHER. Hello so you know im, not an expert in this but my personal…

There is Over $1.1 Million Loaded and Waiting in @splinterlands to Make a Purchase + Other Statistics With An All News HIVE Tool

The devil is in the details. I have figured out a great many trades and investment opportunities simply thoguh figuring out small details.…

XXI Virtuelles DACH Meetup - Sonntag 03.10.2021 20:00

Hallo Freunde, und wieder hab ich den Sonntag verpeilt. Es sind jetzt noch zwei Wochen und ich bin gespannt was da noch auf uns zukommt.…

Have You Used LeoFi Platform For Lending/Leasing?

Have You Used LeoFi Platform For Lending/Leasing? LeoFi is currently an open beta product. I haven't seen devs promoting it as much as…

My introduction to Hive.

Hey everyone, meet me. Hello everyone! My name is Fadipe Monioluwa Daniel. Before I begin, I'll like to say a big thank you to my…

Let us refresh our memories on Algorand, why it is such a big deal

▶️ Watch on 3Speak For more good reasons than not, Algorand has been in the news recently. Most notab

Social Media and Privacy: Big Brother is watching.

I guess every event of our lives is on Facebook, blogs, Instagram, and other parts of

Create Cryptocurrency Token in Almost Any DeFi Ecosystem Without Programming

I will straightly write that we can issue our own tokens on Ethereum and other related ecosystem without the need to absolutely know…

Today I Became A New Age ART Collector Via dCity & NFT Showroom

Try and try – Someday you can fly! That’s kind of true… I’ve finally made it to winning an auction after many months of nothing. I’ve…

# Splinter Stats Season 57 Report Card

@vimukthi As for the good news this Season, there is a win streak of 12 Battles. Ranked Ratio has not had much improvement. I have been…

Dip in the market this last 24 hours, what could be the reason

▶️ Watch on 3Speak Well, it cannot described as a huge dip in some opinions, but it is still a dip and