LEO Tokenomics

The Network Effects Of Technology Especially Cruptocurrency

▶️ Watch on 3Speak We often talk about Network Effects for system

Why Do I Love Both the Bear Market and the Bull Market?

Recently, we have seen a visible struggle between buyers and sellers in the crypto market. Also, some cryptocurrencies and stablecoins are…

Should @leofinance Create Language Specific Front Ends?

Should @leofinance Create Language Specific Front Ends? This is an idea I have thought about briefly. It made a lot of sense to me and…

About Anxiety in the Blockchain Workplace 😰

The thing about blockchain is that there are basically no limits to it. Blockchain is everywhere, it could be in the software used to make…

Today my Hive account reached 69 Reputation (2022.05.23)

I saw it on Hiveblocks a few days ago that my Hive account reached the 69 Reputation, but today Hive and other frontends are also…

Wife and Brother of Julian Assange Speaks Up | You Must Show Your Support If You Care About Truth and Justice

People like Julian Assange and Edward Snowden are not mere heroes; but saints in flesh in the modern world. Hero is too light of a word to…

Music NFTs As Next Wave of Bull Market - Rising Star Is Already Ahead

Misconception still exist calling NFTs as some JPEGs. that's how uneducated most folks are. It goes to show how well informed average user…

Unstaking SPS for Validator Node License + @splinterlands Season 73 Report

After getting to know that Validator Node License sale starts on May 25th while reading through the Town Hall summary, I have now started…

Programming My Own Trading Chart - Part 4

Progress is being made. It is starting to look like a trade chart. It's amazing how a few details can make an impact. The x (time) and y…

Ask Leo : What is the Difference Between Public vs. Private Blockchain?

source What is the public chain? A public blockchain is an open network where everyone can participate in it, these are called…

Finishing Up Festival World Tour + @risingstargame Pack Opening

Eight more Missions and will finally posses FTB4 Stephie making up "The Risers" band in the game. This is a 52 week long NFT creation…

Claws of The Phoenix 1

Once again it’s time to walk along the lonely pavement filled with empty memories and dull moments, it is the only way one must take to go…

Programming My Own Trading Chart - Part 2

It would seem my laying the foundations has paid off. Implementing the chart candles has been smoother than expected. I've ironed out the…

Programming My Own Trading Chart - Part 3

Turn the volume up! I realised last night I could pick some of the low hanging fruit. The volume graph would very similar code to the…

Numbers Protocol-Do you own your photos?

Do you own your photos? Is your photo been manipulated? Numbers Protocol is a decentralised photo network. According to their site…

FBI Searched Data of Millions of Americans Without Warrants

Surge came as bureau sought to curb wave of hacking attacks ACLU calls it invasion of privacy ‘on an enormous scale’ The FBI…

Poco x3 pro Review - Cheap | Good Performance | Good Battery Life

Poco X3 Pro is a midrange smartphone with an excellent performance with good battery. It succeeds it predecessor poco x3 NFC to all from…

The Nandi NFT Marketplace has been launched by the African Digital Art Network.

With the launch of the Nandi NFT Marketplace, the African Digital Art Network (ADA), an award-winning digital platform and archive (which…

( ENG-ESP tutorial ) Non-Fungible Token and Virtual Reality //:Token No Fungible y Realidad Virtual : //

Introduction Implantación Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) refers to the digital token that is non-interchangeable, unique, and…
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