LEO Tokenomics

Food: Dropping As A Share Of Disposable Income

We are repeatedly told how the value of our money is not going very far and we can purchase a lot less than we could in the past. People…

Is VVS finance the next Pancakeswap? Crypto.com Defi

I bet this is not the first post on @leofinance on VVS Finance. The defi platform has been the talk of the town since its launch. The…

Solana Project, MeanFi bringing crypto and DeFi to everyday banking!

source MeanFi or Mean Finance, aims to significantly improve user experience so that digital assets (encryption accommodation) and…

Cryptocurrency: Economics Based Upon Technology

Technology is changing many things in the world. A large number of people feel we are entering a massive technological age where we…

State of the Dapps listing, Hive Punks Market performance boost

Some quick updates. The most exciting news is the Hive Punks market loads over 10x faster now. We sneaked an update the other day that…

Decentralized Finance, DeFi - Planned Risk or Lucrative Investment!

source The virtual money market continues to serve the price, and the price of many coins/tokens in the situation of these lights…

DeFi Total Value Locked hits New Highs and the Growth Persists!

source Defi's growth is continuing. It has experienced a sharp decline since the explosive growth of the last quarter, but It…

Ultra Lightweight Open Source Password Manager - 100% Free - Now Accepting Crypto Donations

The awesome thing about Passky is it's got all the main features you want with apps & extensions while being free & open source. Passky…

I swear we live in a MEME. BTC tops at $69,000 and bottoms at $42,000.

Come on. You can't make this shit up. You mean to tell me that the market just decided to do this? Nah bro. We live in one giant fucking…

[Reminder]XXIII Virtuelles DACH Meetup - Sonntag 05.12.2021 20:00

Hallo Freunde, morgen ist es wieder soweit. Das nächste Virtuelle DACH Meetup steht voran. Das letzte für 2021. Wir sind jetzt bald bei…

Innovative Clothing Incorporates Airbags for Extra Protection

There are millions of people who will break their bones this year and seniors are especially vulnerable to falling down and breaking…

Are blockchain based games free of manipulations?

Are blockchain based games free of manipulations? Greetings friends! Blockchain technology has many possibilities and this is the…

The blockchain and its security risks.

Source Greetings to all my dear and appreciated readers of this

My Introductory post: My Genesis as a Newbie here.

Hi hivians and people my name is Emmanuel but most times called manny by friends. I’m supposed to have written my introductory post but I…

RMRK - Next Gen Cross-Chain NFTs

welcome frens I spent quite a few hours yesterday at the BlockDown DeData conference and man... I learned a lot of shit listening to all…

Monthly payouts for your crypto ETFs- Canada leading the way

Canada has been relatively liberal and progressive when it comes to cyrpto regulations. US is still grappling with allowing BTC ETFs but…

Das wandeln in der Kryptowelt

Hallo Freunde, wenn man wie ich und viele von euch den ganzen Tag in der Kryptowelt rumhängt, dann wird das alles Alltag. Ich meine…

How to Improve Tribaldex.com to make it even better ? Just an Idea

I'm here since march 2021, only few weeks after the birth of Hive. I've accumulated everything I have on my main account @ykretz without…

A major challenge for the decentralized metaverse / Un gran reto para el metaverso descentralizado

For some time now we have noticed Facebook's intention to take part in new develop

MetaPass By ZELF - Providing Banking Services On Discord & Metaverse

My 1st impression is it's like what Apple Card did with their credit card. Partnered with existing bank to provide services in area where…