LEO Tokenomics

The Great Thumbsuck

source Over the last few days a price prediction for Bitcoin and Ethereum has been trending on many crypto sites. The person involve

Back to the House

Today, I heard something from a friend that I didn't know existed and it might not actually exist, at least publicly. We were talking…

Amplified values

This week is "Sales Kick Off" week, Which as a global event aimed at the company sales department and associated business functions, and…

The Green Floor

I went to the office today for the first time in over a week and was almost immediately bombarded with price questions, even though they…

Only Limitation Is Yourself

source Many believe we are going to be entering a Bear market really soon if we haven't already. For many who have experienced this…

One of those Hive Stories

*I already feel like a freak and I'm only ten words in.  Never truly felt like I belong here.  A portion of that mindset, I assume…

Burying Gold

While the price has been sliding significantly, I have been taking the opportunity to stack a little more SPS, on top of

A Volatile Crypto Revolution

In a conversation today, people were talking about the crypto market volatility and how crazy it was, even though it is correlated to the…

COTI Treasury - Some More Information Helping To Explain How And Where The Rewards You Earn Are Generated

source I thought I would put a post together for the @leofinance com

AVA - Not Much Attention On This One Yet

source A new development on Coin Gecko is the addition of categories which is helpful researching what areas are hot or not for…

Dropped from up High

Seems that even though we are almost a month into 2022 - I still have to work. That wasn't part of the plan. But hey, when the hell…

Russian Roulette In The Arctic - Ice Wins Latest Battle

source **Biggest and most powerful vessel in the world cannot free ships stuck in ice. This has been 3 weeks already and they a

Zoom Out As Whales Are Dining On Bitcoin

source I find this rather pathetic that the so called "investors" sell their Bitcoin so quickly. This is a pattern that happens…

Apple In One Bite

source I enjoy these sorts of visual graphs as it tells a story of how well certain companies are doing. Apples last quarter of over…

Cardstarter Don't Get Their Sundae As Promised

source Crypto is still like the wild west and one has to be careful of various projects. Rug pulls do happen as we all know and why

Who Doesn't Want More Crypto?

source As we all know things can change so quickly in the crypto world and I am only talking price. Nothing

Cryptomarket Valuation and Opinion 01-25-22

Announcement: This is the last published article I post. Thanks for your support! I will switch my focus to more research-based articles…

Putting In The Work

Unsplash I always come across the 'learn a new skill' campaigns over and over and it's one of th

More Insight Into COTI

source Today I spent a few hours in the COTI discord trying to learn as much as possible. Some things are not as simple as they seem…

When YouTube Enters Into NFTs

Web2 companies are FOMO now. NFT changes the game of creating fields. Everyone can create their own art and sell it in the market. If…