LEO Tokenomics

This Is Why You Have To Just Believe In Your Abilities

source Sometimes it seems like everything and everyone is against you a

You can leave the light on

While I was scrolling through Leo Finance posts, I came across @therealwolf asking for the power consumption of running various Hive…

To be a King, you need a Kingdom

The other day, I consolidated my CUB pools into the CUB-BUSD pairing to minimize the risk on BNB fluctuations against CUB, as well as take…

Sleeping through the dips

I should just never go to sleep. Every time I do, I feel like I am missing out o opportunities, which technically I am, as I can't do much…

Demand for the supply

A lot of what we do in crypto obviously focuses on tokenization of activity and then, the value of those tokens, with most seeing…

Lost your shirt?

Tomorrow is only Wednesday, but for me, it is going to be the start of the weekend, as Thursday is a public holiday and I have used some…

What is mining who

My writing is pretty much me reflecting on my experiences and observations of the world around me, with two core intentions in mind. The…

If I were a gambling man...

Out of curiosity, how does reading headlines like the one below make you feel?

More surprises to come

It is late Saturday night, the girls are asleep and I have a glass of nice wine from near where I grew up sitting by my side. A perfect…

100 Days of Green

DeFi is quite an addictive ecosystem, as the yields are just so incredibly high, although the associated risks are high too - but are they…

Being Part Of The Future

source **Most people hate their work and reality is they will work until retireme

Not A Fan Of Bot Trading

source Over the last weekend one of my sons friends mentione

Why moon?

It is pretty interesting to se how various people react to declining prices, with some who were "all-in" just a few days earlier, reacting…


It is Mother's Day tomorrow and - I thought it was next weekend. Oops! Normally I am on top of these things, but with so much going on…

Customer Service Has Disappeared

source **When a global icon like DHL can't collect a package that has been paid for 3 days later due

Everything Is Red - This Is Not A Code Red Though Apparently

Hive did rather well tonight during the brief correction. According to many analysts who I follow this is precisely what was expected…

Buy Red- Sell Green

source Trading is not easy and the more you

One Of The Original Tribes Resurfaces Elsewhere

source Hey Crypto and coffee! Jon here, Musing.io founder. How've you been? Wanted to reach out to let you know about some new…

I am not responsible for your finance, so stop asking me.

I have lost quite a bit, materialistically. When I was 19 I lost around $12k-14k on a failed business venture. 3-4 years later I lost an…

Carretillas de Arena // Sand Carts

El mundo del emprendimiento es una carrera donde si te paras puedes perder, cuando quieres algo de verdad tienes prohibido rendirte. La…