LEO Tokenomics

Swapping Coins Fast Vs Exchanging Coins @ Exchanges - Your Ignorance Can Cost You Dollars

Hey All; I recently SOLD close to [1k Travala AVA coins](

I'm back on rising star thanks to VFT DeFi

Few days ago, while I was calmly browsing posts on music4life and I saw something really interesting. I can't find th person who…

Learning the Game .:. dCity Investment Progress

Before starting to write this post, I said to myself that I will not whine about the game, the changes, etc... But, I have to confess that…

The MDB Conundrum

There's a weird thing going on with tokens. I'll call it the MDB Conundrum where MDB stands for mint, distribute, burn. It goes like…

Numbers never go away

LUVshares is determinedly focused on sharing love on Hive. But, there are pesky those numbers that you just can't get around. And that…

Learn about New Assets on Coinbase

Originally Posted here Coinbase on Thursday announced the launch of CTSI, RLC, MIR & TRB

Sharing LUV and love - the NFT

The "Giving LUV and love" NFT has been minted and is now for sale in the NFTshowroom at: It's one of my favorites with the fishing…

Silver Lion Airdrop - Free 1000 Tokens ($200)

Silver Lion is a cryptocurrency that represents value for buy or exchange in a decentralized economy. The company is doing an airdrop for…

Looking for some clue

Hey there everybody. I'm quite new to this whole crypto wallets and Hive thing. I see that there are many tokens you can earn, but it's…

Step-by-step moving guide checklist – Tips for occupation one month (phat 1)

Relocation may be a large task that needs tons of your time , energy and planning. Some people think that getting a couple of boxes on a…

HOLA ...!!!!!

Buenas tardes ... simplemente presentarme , el aburrimiento y la saturacion de todo tipo de contenidos y entretenimientos , me hace…

A simple tool to convert Hive-Engine token prices and USD price

I just made this tool: It's really simple. I might add other tokens in the future. If you have a token request, leave it in a…

How to see my token balance on Binance Smart Chain? [EN/ES]

geralt | Pixabay It may be an irrelevant piece of information but it is qu

All Launched and Working! .:. dCity Investment Progress

Well, we have got there! The 3rd edition cards are released! Just 3-4 hours before I have created this post, the big news is announced by…

Binance Launched Tradable Coinbase and Tesla Stock Tokens

Binance just launched tradable stock tokens Coinbase And Tesla on their webiste. Now users can buy or sell Tesla and Coinbase stocks with…

Mining - a different perspective

When Bitcoin instituted "mining" for coins, it took a little getting used to. Personally, it was difficult to undo the old definition of…

Our Cub is Growing Up, Are You Ready?

(image for memes) Exciting news from the Leofinance team, the upgrades and fixes they have been programming and testing are ready for…

BHT Accumulating and Staking Accounts

Hello there. I've been trying to accumulate and stake BHT since I joined here. I've now passed 6,000 BHTs. Of course I also trade BHT on…

Social Tokens: a smart contract with ourselves

A few days ago, and after several months without posting, I came back to Hive to talk about My Whale Journey . Writing about it made me…

Earn by creating and selling NFTs

We are starting the ultimate reward system for our community members conducting value-adding actions on the platform. Before we get into…