LEO Tokenomics

Bitcoin price discovery nears: 100K an inevitability

With Bitcoin on the cusp of new all-time highs, the 100K psychological level remains an inevitabi

10k Leo Power, More Curation and Staking

It has been a long time coming in the works, had a lot of back and forths but I'm finally curating with 10k Leo. Perhaps I would have…

SEED Holdings Report #11 - Beating ATH's consistently!

I keep relatively busy with a few things off-chain, sorry for the posting inactivity. This fact however doesn't affect my implication with…

So I'll be getting one Voucher a day

I was a bit late to the presale because of my timezone and I missed the exact moment that the voucher airdrop came into my account. I…

Leofinance is the king of tokens !

This is my entry to the following contest : Tribe Token Talk ! *It's a great time to participate in a contest about Leofinance

$2500 per month from Splinterlands will change my life

The numbers are in and I must say, they look very encouraging. Judging by the projected earnings from my daily SPS airdrop, I feel a…

Can I get a job in your country?

For virtually my entire professional life, I've been a freelancer. In fact, I only have one month of post-university work experience in a…

🎥 Cryptocurrency Market Overview | 18.10.2021

Hello, dear Blockchain people! In this video, I analyzed in detail the price chart of Bitcoin (

Kishu Inu is a sleeping giant!

The Kishu Inu was indeed sleeping. The price of this coin is still not high yet in the crypto market. But some signs are already visible…

My long term portfolio building strategy - 10 TIPS to grow

Hello all, here is a post that I was asked about by some recent commenters on one of my posts, and something I have really been thinking…

50 IN 50 OUT - Doubling Down Went Wrong

After close to a year of blogging, earning, buying and holding, I recently decided to jump into the day/night trading shit. I must say…

Why Steam Kicks Out NFTs Will Trigger Gaming Disruption

One of the largest gaming online platforms announced to stop accepting crypto, NFTs, and any blockchain-related transactions. This is a…

What Not To Do (And How To Do It)

Everyone has probably heard or even participated in the situation, where one guy in some birthday party or friends gathering, advises…

BTC over 60K? Effects of ETF?!?

Bitcoin (BTC) saw some uncommon quiet on Oct. 16 as the market kept on processing the endorsement of the United States' first trade…

BNB's Next Target?!??

The progressing price blast in the Binance Coin (BNB) market is painting an exemplary bullish graph with a potential gain focus of $512…

📈 Daily TA: Bitcoin (BTC/USD) | 15-10-2021

Hello, dear members of LeoFinance! The price of Bitcoin has just surpassed the psychological level of $60000! Congratulations…

Robiniaswap Review: Audits, marketing and my first impression

I've been holding back from delving into more liquidity pools, especially with the way things are kind of fucked up with the price of Cub…

When RUNE FUD Clears, We're Off to the Moon!

RUNE is in a major FUD cycle right now. We're seeing all sorts of negativity surrounding the project since the hacks. Now, I think there…

OXT/USDT positive vibrations next week?

OXT/USDT with a possible breakout This stock is one of the follow-throughs of the day on Binance today. However, the second loo

Bitcoin reached the target and new Setup has formed

It's time again to look at the bitcoin The first target on the upper side has now been reached, here I have defined a target in