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Keep An Eye On AVA (Travala)

source From all accounts the travel industry is looking forward to a bumper summer after having a dismal last two years due to Covid…

Casa Lago and Camino Viejo

Camino Viejo is the idea of one Señor Hernando Daza - its really a touristic community which I hope to lay out for you all here. On a…

We cannot change the wind but we can set the sails differently [GER/ENG]

„Wir können den Wind nicht ändern aber die Segel anders setzen?“ Vor mehr als 2300 Jahren soll der griechische Philosoph Aristoteles…

Saturday Savers Club - More than 100 HBD in the Savings wallet: new trip on the horizon. / Más de 100 HBD en la billetera Savings: nuevo viaje en el horizonte. 😃❤️

Saving is a favor that our present selves do to our future selves: sacrificing a benefit from today for one for tomorrow can be very…

Ein Hügel voller bunter Rhododendren

Deutsch Seit einiger Zeit fangen die Rhododendren an zu blühen. Hier am Hügel in der Nähe des Kurparks Bad Arolsen wachsen Rhododendren…

Bürger mit Pommes

Deutsch Ich habe mir einen leckeren deftigen Bürger mit Pommes und einer Cola gegönnt. Manchmal braucht man auch etwas ungesundes…

MyRV update 200522

I drive by this storm RV everyday and I finally got a close enough look to see that yes it is in fact a Fleetwood. I also got a close…

Win 2 Free Nights In London with Swix DAO

Hello Peeps! The team here at Swix know it's been tough time in the market recently so we decided to share a little love from Swix DAO…

Eine Birke auf einem abgestorbenen Baumstumpf

Deutsch Immer wieder sieht man Besonderheiten in der Natur. Hier wächst eine junge Birke auf einem abgestorbenen Baumstumpf.…

It's a Bacon Buffet!

Here are a couple dinners over the past month traveling in Thailand. It's the commonly found Moo Kata. Which is basically a do it yourself…

Blockchain Event held by T2Latam in Argentina and my experience with CashCow Protocol // Evento Blockchain realizado por T2Latam en Argentina y mi experiencia con CashCow Protocol

Promoting CashCow Protocol on T2Latam Promocionando a

Introduction Day on Hive

Hello Friends, My name is Keith I am from Taxes, USA born in same state. I born in 2nd April 1990. I am already 32 years old. My hobbies…
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The Vipassana Meditation Technique / La técnica de Meditación Vipassana

Hello, I am José Vicent and today in this new approach to success I want to start by writing the following: Inner change is…

Look around Zalakaros and Balaton area the Kilato-Rundblick über Zalakaros und die Balaton Ebene der Kilato


Marrakesh, the red city 😍🇲🇦❤️

The city of Marrakesh is located in the State of Morocco in North Africa and is one of the most famous cities in the world , It is one of…

Tetouan, the white dove 😍

Tetouan, the White Dove, is a city located on the Mediterranean coast in the north of the State of Morocco, surrounded by mountains from…

Travel with me #02 : The Dig at the lost city of Atlantis !

Dear hivean Friends: A few days ago, I set forth on a journey to the Bahamas, a place I've always wanted to visit since I was very…

Lalbagh Fort Tour Bangladesh

Lalbagh Fort Lalbagh Fort is located in the Lalbagh area of ​​old Dhaka on the banks of the river Buriganga in the southwest of th

5 Places in Nicaragua to travel and enjoy a good vacation this 2022

A beautiful country surrounded by lakes and volcanoes Nicaragua offers countless tourist attractions to spend your vacations and enjoy a…

In the Land of the Gods ... (Episode 2)

Support me by Voting and sharing the love if you wanted to read about my First Episode here you can read. Who would want to wake…