LEO Tokenomics

Blockchain is Expanding in America

Blockchain.com, a main issuer of cryptocurrency services, introduced Tuesday that it has acquired SeSocio, an Argentine crypto company.…

Claiming My First VYB Tokens! Hurry up now before it's too late.

source Hello Friends, Greetings 🙏😊 I am sure most of you have already heard about this new project

DeFi Dashboard proposal on Hive blockchain

DeFi is getting stronger and stronger on Hive blockchain through TribalDex and BeeSwap platforms which provide sweet rewards to…

Powering Down HIVE is brave and smart and not bad

I've joined the great Hive blockchain and the ecosystem from here since 2017 and I've always powered up all my HIVE earnings from content…

El Salvador increases its share of Bitcoin

El Salvador's choice to buy bitcoin when it is falling, which is a easy purchase on dip strategy that is widely used by using novice and…

Does Facebook allow more crypto ads?

In a reversal of its preceding policy, Meta Platforms Inc., formerly recognised as Facebook, introduced Wednesday that it will make bigger…

Beginners Guide to DLUX.

#DLUX is a HIVE side chain created by @markegiles and @disregardfiat. Dlux has a front end similar to Peakd you can blog and vote with…

Shib performance after Kraken

On Monday, Kraken, a US-based cryptocurrency exchange, introduced that the Shiba Inu crypto credit score will be reachable from today…

How will USDT affect the price of Bitcoin?

Bitcoin (BTC) failed to preserve a important support of $55,000, and is currently buying and selling at $54,300. Tether is frequently…

Strong Awakening of Altcoins

The highly volatile cryptocurrency market begins today with a new awakening for Altcoins, which rose to an impressive high in the recent…

Diesel pools kind of working and suddenly working.


Did Power Down Cause the Currency to Decline?

The Hive coin recently started gradually, but the biggest rise was last Thursday when the coin crossed the $3 barrier and reached one of…

Ethereum Beauties

The Story Today's a bright Sunday morning, I was planning going on shopping with @arkpb and get ourselves a few things for our new home.…

Hive-Engine Tokens Price Today

Hello there. Every day I calculate and share how many of some of the tribal tokens make 1 Hive. This content is about that. ***There is

How to Improve Tribaldex.com to make it even better ? Just an Idea

I'm here since march 2021, only few weeks after the birth of Hive. I've accumulated everything I have on my main account @ykretz without…

Hive-Engine Tokens Price Today

Hello there. Every day I calculate and share how many of some of the tribal tokens make 1 Hive. This content is about that. ***Compared

Crypto market crashes in India but new activity

Amidst the panic promoting in India, Paytm CEO Vijay Shekhar Sharma took a pro-crypto stance and emphasised the inevitable evolution of…

A Compounding Account for my Daughter Monthly Update

As indicated in a previous post here , I recently started a new HI

My Experience Aping Into HIVE'S 2nd Layer.

I haven't made a freewrite type post in quite a while. Just wanted to jot down some notes on my investment strategy on HIVE and how…

Hive is Still Flying

Weeks ago, the Hive coin began to rise repeatedly and crossed the $1 barrier when the price was $0.82. Reaching $1 was a big pump…