LEO Tokenomics


USDT is a stablecoin (stable-value cryptocurrency) that mirrors the price of the U.S. dollar, issued by a Hong Kong-based company Tether.…

DODO x Bifrost Airdrop

To celebrate the launch of the Bifrost vETH Liquidity Mining on DODO Booster campaign, DODO and Bifrost are co-hosting an airdrop worth…

More tether USDT on tron network than eth

Justin Sun founder of tron network Founder of bittorent Wink Sun Jst and Tron. Tron has more tether on its network then ethereum due to…

Strange price and volume anomalies in KuCoin on REAP / USDT

This is the weekly chart taken from REAP / USDT's kucoin.com. As you can see on April 1st and April 17th at the same time, that is 18.00…

Dollarized without dollars part II - Dolarizados sin dólares parte II

Fuente Yester

Binance 💰 has temporarily suspended withdraws🧐🤔

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The Market Value of Tether Continues to Grow

In the cryptocurrency market, we need Stable coins a lot, as Tether has achieved this over the past years, which has led to an increase in…

USDT Airdrops offered by CoinMarketCap to users who are active in their Telegram Channel

Today I noticed another opportunity and I wanted to share with you.. Do I think it is worth it? I ll let you know at the end, but you got…

MKR/USDT and Ethereum 2.0 the great Hope in the Crypto Universe

MKR/USDT is the real movement coming now? Today MKR managed to crack an important high at 3135$. This high has now become a support but…

Stablecoins and their benefits

Cryptocurrencies have evolved over the past decade from a province of geeks to a multi-billion-dollar industry. Recently, the crypto…

Tether's reserves are fully backed up

Moore Cayman, a Cayman Islands-based accounting network, has again assured that Tether Holdings Limited's USDT stablecoin tokens remain…

Crypto Dollars in Venezuela

Venezuela is yet again within the sights of the planet thanks to the minatory hyperinflationary state of affairs. In keeping with a recent…

imToken, Tron, and USDT (TRC-20) - holding your own private keys.

The Tether debacle. There was a situation that came up at a scheduled trade last week. When the time came to meet and we sat down, all…

Is Tether a Ticking Time Bomb?

Tether (USDT) reaches $50 billion in value. USDT has been criticized due to a lack of transparency. Tether released the…

Tether Printed 10 Billions In April | Record High Per Month

The oldest stablecoin Tether has put in circulation another 10 billions USDT in April 2021, reaching a total market cap more than 50…

Why is there now more stable digital currency “Tether” on the Tron blockchain than on Ethereum?

In the past few hours, the stable digital currency "Tether" has reached $ 50 billion in market value. This marks an impressive milestone…

USDT on the Tron network is reaching records

Almost two years after USDT was added to Blockchain Tron. Tron-based "USDT" tokens have overtaken their Ethereum partner in an…