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How to Best Secure your Assets?

You see, the rich and the poor have something about money in common. Both do not store value in cash. Because money is very volatile…

The True Value of Things and Life Itself

source USD, Euro, GBP. This is what most people think of when they refer to the value of something. Esp

Boost Economy And Make Money

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Ads now running on Proofofbrain.io

Wow, that was quick. Just yesterday I read a post from someone suggesting they monetize Proofofbrain.io with Ads and Presto whamo we…

It is time for a new Survey! Because your Word is Valueable!

Hello Buzzy Bees! Welcome to the CTP Blueprint Weekly! Today will be just a written post to get it done like every Monday! This…

What Gives Dogecoin Value?

Photo Source This subsection of the Dogecoin Guide deals with the subject of Dogecoin and