LEO Tokenomics

Networked-States: The Transition Away From The Nation-State

There is some discussion starting to arise from those who look at what is taking place. Many who understand what blockchain are…

Why Facebook and advertising supported content at huge scale is doomed by wokeness

TL;DR My thoughts: Self policing and relatively small communities are going to be the places we want to create and inhabit on the…

Web 3.0: The Push To Decentralize

We all heard it by now. Web 3.0 is going to usher in the new Internet. This will be a marked improvement from the siloed system the…

Are You Excited About Hive Yet?

There will always be naysayers. At the same time, we know that many (if not most) are going to be late to the party. However, for those…

Some Features I'd Love To See On LeoFinance

I think that the @leofinance team has done a great job with running their AMA sessions and their new tech support feature in Discord. I…

SPK Network: Airdrop is coming! Possible evolutions on Hive price!

The announcement was communicated directly by the main account @spknetwork: in less than 90 days the snapshot of the Hive Power will be…

THORchain's New Site Design Looks Legit

Many people on this site have been a fan of RUNE for a long time now despite numerous attacks on the protocol in the last few months.…

SPS Token Price Prediction?

As more and more players continue to pile into Splinterlands, it seems more likely than not that the valuations of cards and possibly of…

Can web3 give us more freedoms?

I want to start this post expressing my thoughts towards freedom, because I do not believe in absolute freedom, I

@APompliano -YouTube has officially attempted to de-platform me

YouTube has officially attempted to de-platform me from their platform. They are claiming that we "encourage illegal activities" and…

Antes de invertir en un proyecto NFT mira este post

En este momento estamos viviendo un momento histórico con el mundo blockchain, ya que gracias a la gran adopción de los juegos NFT

Participating to Web 3

Have you ever wanted to launch you own Web 3 Project with ease and connect it to an Awesome Ecosystem to generate Revenue…

Pavlov's post - the real value of Hive

We all work on incentives of some kind, and while we like to judge each other's perceived reasons for doing something, but at the end…

What Is The BEE Token And What To Do With It?

So a few months ago when I founded @dunksocial, I was surprised to find out that the funding process did not happen using Hive tokens, but…

Why Are People Still Using Web 2.0?

Image Source *As a quick disclaimer separate to the post: @dunksocial has been ha

Checking In On Cub Finance

Today I saw a post about Cub Finance and it has honestly been a while since I have been on the site. I was unable to keep my investment in…

[ENG-ESP] What is it and how to use Metamask / Qué es y cómo usar Metamask

On the Metamask.io website they are defined as a crypto wallet and a gateway to blockchain applications. [design cr

Twitter Once Again "Reinventing Hive"

It's amazing seeing all these crypto influencers looking at this Bitcoin tipping feature of twitter like the wheel is being invented…

Does Hive Have What It Takes To Be A Blockchain Operating System?

We are watching a lot of expansion in the blockchain world. It is starting to take on a vastly different look than it had even a year…

What is Web 3.0

▶️ Watch on 3Speak Road to 500 Subscribers I talk about what could be the next generation of the web