LEO Tokenomics

If I were Hive Dictator for a Day...

With the chance to be Hive dictator for a day, this is what I would do: Reduce social rewards from 65% of the token inflation pool to…

Witnesses as Oracles: Vastly Underutilized Resource

A big part of the project I'm trying to build right now DEPENDS on the witness price feed. While we are trappe

Answer to Elon Musk Hive the green blockchain ENG-DE!

After the last postings of Musk which yes had led to a roller coaster of prices had led! Once again a plus for our blockchain! Elon is…

Questions about the Hive witnesses vote

I was wondering if I could earn hive for voting for Witnesses today. The reason I thought about it was that Steemit had a similar…

Micro-Charges: The Future is Paying for Bandwidth.

The Rules of Web 2.0 are very clear: If you want a lot of users you have to give away the product for free and then monetize it in…

Clearing the Air After Openly Questioning Those in Power

I'm not on this network to kiss influential or wealthy peoples' asses, nor am I here to twist narratives or tales in the favour of my own…

May 2021 : Update + AMA

As a HIVE witness, I have done a few AMA's on HIVE and HIVE-Twitter but never done a witness update before. So let this be my first…

DHF Proposal Funding Returned to HIVE Developer Community as HBD Stabilizer Scaled Back!

After what ended up amounting to an interesting experiment and a somewhat demoralizing shakeup within the HIVE developer community for a…

Witness Earnings Weekly Report - 2021-04-19

Support me, vote my witness [ ](

$PIZZA Token | Hive-Engine & DLUX Witness Announcement & Holder Rewards

Witness Announcement Hey everyone! We are extreme