LEO Tokenomics

My thoughts on cub finance.

Yesterday I asked @leomarkettalk the simplest way to explain decentralized finance to a noob who is apparently interested in crypto. I…

Fake Crypto Messiahs and Irrational Skeptics

These days I get a lot of opinions and ideas on how the market will move, most people that predict the market and it eventually goes as…

You've got to start somewhere!!

_If I am being honest, it is the first step which is the most hardest one to take, in order to make changes to your destiny! So much to…

My Progress On Cryptocurrency Analysis.

image by Tima Miroshnichenko at Pexels Some few years back I invested it a crypto

Creative Coin Fund Investor Report: @creativecoin Partners with the Fund

Welcome to the Creative Coin Fund Investor Report. The Creative Coin founders have partnered with the Creative Coin Fund, an arrangement…

1st month on HIVE!

Written in ENGLISH and PORTUGUESE. Fonte G

Cryptocurreny on a downward scale: Observing from my cryptocurrency watch desk

For some time now I have not bothered to look at the market, not just because I am very rich but because I need peace of mind or rather…

Understanding CryptoGraphy - Final Part

Hello everyone, hope you all are doing good? I'm back with the Part 5 and Final Part of this amazing series, Understanding CryptoGraphy…

I just hired my first programmer ☺️😊☺️ and he got the job done! Hapi

So, I got tasked with making a web app. I was so busy making some parts of it that I could not finish it all in a reasonable amount of…

Simple Ways To Feel Happier As An Entrepreneur (Part 4)

Image source - Pixabay Today, I'll be continuing my series. And this will make

The reward for those that holds: Cryptocurrency angle

It has been an amazing journey so far for those that started cryptocurrency journey long ago. One thing that I noted is that in this space…

Hivestats.to: My best application on hive right now

So yesterday, while reading cub finance whitepaper, I stumbled on the applications that were developed by leofiance and hivestat.io.…

When the market falls, what is your stand? Observing from my cryptoccurrency watch desk

It is not easy flowing with anybody that is fully into cryptocurrency. This is because we always react with whatsoever the market throws…

Risk and return, can you get the first, without going through the second? by Karupanocitizen

Many times I hear people talk about how volatile and risky the crypto business is, "don't mess with cryptocurrencies, you can lose…

Advantages Of Learning Earning & Investing

To fully grow in life financially, have you noticed that you need to get involved in learning, earning and investing? If you have…

I just got kicked out of Namecheap and may lose all my domains 😭😂😭😂

Soooo, I hadn't read my e-mails in a long time, like since July lol. And I have around 12 domains registered in Namecheap. On August 19…

Understanding CryptoGraphy - Part 3

Hello everyone, hope you all are doing good? I'm back with the Part 3 of this amazing series, Understanding CryptoGraphy . If you…

How to Earn the Most from Your Content-Evergreen vs Trending

Background I started on SteemIt in 2017. I left in 2018, returning in early 2021 to Hive. During my days on SteemIt, I posted content…

Early To Rise As An Entrepreneur

Photo - Unsplash Many young and sometimes older entrepreneurs haven't


Source As an entrepreneur, it is important that you harness all of the advantages that you have. One of the many ways to do this is to…