The Power and Value of Trends

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Trends are things that are popular. Their patterns are worth studying because if you invest in trends early you can make a lot of money. However, If you get in at the wrong time you can end up with useless junk.

With that being said I hereby announce the future potential creation of the latest Steem Engine Token. It's called Brown Sugar Bubble Milk Tea or BSBMT. More on that further down.

Pop Culture Trends

In the mainstream, non-crypto world, examples of trends are especially common in fashion and music, they usually trend on social media networks like Instagram because of famous people. Trends are by no means always universal, as there are national, regional amd local trends, too.

Other types of trends asides from fashion and music are in technology, toys, TV shows, and video games. Trends are powerful and can turn into lasting and serious business unique slang, accents and cultures overtime.

Trends often become global when they are promoted by Hollywood stars or in Hollywood movies.

Nike and Starbucks are trendy labels. Apple is a trendy tech company. It's hard to argue these are the best sports clothing, coffee, and phones in the world.

Most trends are harmless, for example, hanging a fake fur fox tail on your purse or belt or fake fur trim around your coat. It looks stupid, but whatever, no animals are harmed because it's fake. Maybe it promotes real fur or maybe it's a waste of materials, but that's a stretch.

Some trends are harmful. One example of a recent bad trend was opening a container of ice cream in the market, licking it and putting it back. This is what happens when food isn't sealed with an obvious seal a d when you close the mental institutions and let idiots freely roam around.

Trends often repeat in cycles and these can be studied. Clothing and hairstyles are the best examples.

Trends and the Market

You can make a ton of money if you jump on a trend early. There are countless stories of people making a fortune during the dot com era, Apple, Google, Yahoo, Amazon jump to mind. And, that is just the stock market.

There were people who made a fortune selling things on Amazon, eBay, or even in large retail chain stores. Fidget spinners and those rabbit ear hats come to mind.


Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin and Blockchain

This market is a trendy place. First, it was Bitcoin. Then it was altcoins. Then it was smart contracts and tokens. Then it was ICOs. Then it was exchanged tokens. Then it was STOs. Now it is IEOs. Following all this crap gives people a headache. By the time you understand it, its probably too late to make momey, but study it and you can keep om top of the next trend.



Words like FOMO and FUD have existed before Bitcoin, but during late 2017 and early 2018 when ICOs were hot everyone in cryptocurrency suddenly knew what these words meant. If you are told not to FUD, chances are you are buying into a trend. Things with real value have no fear of FUD because it just means it will be a good buying opportunity. In mature markets FUD is called things like common sense, skepticism or even due diligence.

The worst examples of FOMO are crap like pyramid scams and 'promised returns' or MLM. FOMO makes more people lose momey than FUD.

One example of FOMO was supply chain coins. Everything from bananas to coffee needed a blockchain and of course, the tokens would be limited and extremely valuable which is ridiculous when you think of it because that value has to come from somewhere. If you are in the business already, you are just going to ignore it or make your own blockchain. For example, someone isn't going to take over Delmonte's business because they tokenize tropical fruit and make a blockchain. Delmonte can just make their own blockchain since decentralization isn't a concern for oligopolies.

The key to making money is to identify the trend early and jump on it quickly.

obviously there is more risk you will fail. If you say you heard about it first but didn't do anything about it, consider that a poor decision due to risk aversion or missed opportunity and not something worth bragging about. Or more like you were unsure of it and didn't actually know it would be popular so you dismissed it.

Buzz Words

It doesn't matter if they are meaningless or stupid. Following the trend is following the money. Making money is purpose enough for me, so the trends and buzzwords themselves don't need purpose they need meaning and they need to be identified amd considered accordingly.

These are mostly just a good way to identify trends. Words like blockchain, bitcoin, ICO, etc. can all be searched for on google trends. If a word suddenly spikes in popularity it may be a signal of a trend.

People often dismiss buzz words, but they also often dismiss trends. Trend hunting is a gamble.


Bots and Trends

Bots can recognize trends. They can also counter trends and make fake trends. Bots are important but annoying. I don't want to get into it too much. But just be warned they exist, they aren't going anywhere, and they are more helpful than harmful if you can spot them. It's sinilar to fake exchange volume. It's just noise if you can recognize it as such.


Trends on Steem

Right now trends on Steem are easy to find. Click the trending tab. Be careful on Steem because it is a bit of an echo chamber and hardly reflective of the world at large. Also, whales pay for the soapbox and bid bots sell it. There is not anything fundamentally wrong with this but it is important to keep in mind. Maybe but doubtful more downvotes will solve this immediately. Bad content needs to be called out no matter who writes it or promotes it.

Right now, anything Related to #Steemit, #HF21, #Steem-engine, #Palcoin, and #SteemLeo is talked about a lot on #Steem and basically don't interested the outside world at all.
Before it was games like Drugwars (what happened to them?), or casino games like Magic Dice (Yikes!). There are a few hanging on, but you can't really make money speculating on them anymore, so you literally need to get lucky. These aren't investments, you are better off breeding hamsters for money.

You gotta make the most of things when you are trending. No trend will last a boring 6 months. Keep it exciting and interactive.

Speculating on the Future of Steem

Steem is currently ranked below 75 on Coin Marketcap, this is worse than quite a few coins I've never heard of. Coins that have had 51% attacks. Coins that are single purpose. Coins that are too centralized. Coins that are memes, forks, marketing ploys, pump-and-dumps, and/or outright scams have all been higher than Steem recently.

As bad as this sounds, it means there is room for improvement. To put it another way, the time to buy Steem is now.

As soon as the people on Steem feel better, Steem will rise. There is #newsteem! NewSteem is better than OldSteem, NewSteem will really shine when HF21 FUD dies down after the Steemverse survives the forkocalypse. When SMTs come out it will boom.

However, herein lies a future danger. What will happen to Steem-Engine tokens when SMTs come out. Some will move over happily, others will have forks where one will die and one will live. Others will stay and others will fight. I imagine it depends on the level of centralization and community agreement. It will definitely create winners and losers in the Steem-token spheres. The better SMTs are techwise compared to Steem-engine tokens, the easier the decision to move will beObviously the non-smart ones are fine where they are. In any case, if it affects the price of Steem, that will be temporary if negative, and another chance to buy buy buy!


Trends in Korea

I am not sure if these things are popular elsewhere so give me a break. Kpop is trending now. The idols, BTS are bugger than Jesus X the Beatles ^ 2.Hating on them is dangerous as they literally have Army.

Kpop stars start trends that get popular in Korea. A lot of these were borrowed from other places in Asia, or Hollywood. Who knows, who cares. It's ultimately about money.

A popular trend for a while was for girls to put hair-rollers in their hair. Another one was 'honey butter chips'. In case you don't know Koreans like sugar or honey on their garlic bread and this is the potato chip equivalent.

To relate it to K-cryptocurrency, for a while there was something called the Kimchi Premium. In early 2018, Koreans were paying on average 30% more for their cryptocurrency than Americans or Europeans. It was a good time to be able to sell it in Korea and buy it elsewhere. There are several popular cryptocurrency exchanges in Korea like Upbit and Bithumb. There are even Korean coins like Icon (ICX). There are also proposed Facebook-like crypto-coins for Korean tech companies Naver (Line is huge in Japan) and Daum (Kakao is huge in Korea).

To relate it to the Steemsphere, Koreans have SCT, ZZAN and JJM. They are well covered. SCT is huge and its volume is large. No doubt Korea is among the masters of the Steem-engine tokens.

Understanding trends in Korea is therefore valuable.


Brown Sugar Bubble Milk Tea

In case you haven't noticed, I've been showcasing the recent pictures of Brown Sugar Bubble Milk Tea. It started in Taiwan. However, right now it is crazy in Korea.

The line up at the most fashionable one, Tiger Sugar, is crazy. The Gangnam branch isn't even the most popular location in Seoul, Korea and on a Tuesday mid-afternoon there are 50 people in line, despite the fact that dozens of other shops specializing in it exist all over the neighborhood and most coffee and tea shops (there are hundreds) sell a version.

I haven't tried any but I reckon they all taste similar since there is at least cup of brown sugar in each of them.

I haven't made my BSBMT token yet, but I assure you it will have a lot of value. I'm holding off for SMTs because I know they will be awesomer than Steem-engine. So be ready for BSBMT. In the meantime, I suggest you speculate on Q, PAL, LEO, SCT and other great Steem-engine tokens. Or you can stick to the tried and trusted and just do STEEM to SBD.

I hope I don't jump om this trend too late. Do all trends fade? Nope! If you are trending, don't miss the chance.

Also, Let's make New Steem trend together because if Steem wins we all win. Good luck and keep on trending.


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