UK, Korea & Blockchain

in uk •  7 months ago 

Who will catch the cryptos next?

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This post has no engagement.

I feel like this post was over rewarded in general by auto curation and especially by Steembasicincome.

Also, tagging Korea and UK in this post is tag abuse.

@steemflagrewards tag abuse bit bot misuse

The post is about uk & korea, while i did not put much into it is not even at $3. Go troll someone else I will do a lil better.

A lot of far better posts are valued less than 3 dollars. Very few of your rewards are organic. You should stop purchasing and trading so many votes and work on actual engagement. As someone who puts a lot of time and effort into my posts, frankly it's offensive.

That is your opinion & you are an ass hole. I invested in STEEM Basic Income, you ready to tell them to close it down or just troll me?

Post and comment rewards shouldn't be used for investment. Your rewards from steembasicincome are much higher than average.

Appreciator organic?

These days yes. Tag them and ask.

I don't think the tags are problematic.

There's literally not much content here. lol

And it is not upvoted to $10 or $50+, under $3 & you are complaining...

Yeah I think in this case the only thing appropriate to tag would be ' '

Edit: Perhaps the best definition is 'copy paste abuse' since there is no source for those and both have 1 word description at best.

True yet the sources are in the top of each picture.

Yep, copy/paste describes it better.

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