10 Tickets in 10 Days - Day 3 - Will 100 Tickets Turn Profit.

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What is happen steemians? Have you went and checked out the UFM Tribe post that is part of the Steem Tribes Group of post I am working on. In that post, I talk about the UFM lotto.

On the second day on 10 Tickets for 10 Days, I was able to get 1000 EPIC tokens worth a total of 0.1 steem. Along with the EPIC, I was able to get 7.5 CBI tokens worth a total of .75 steemp. The last thing that I got was 10 UFM worth a total of .2371. With sending 1 steemp for the 10 tickets that makes it a total 1.0871‬ steemp and a profit of 0.0871 for day 3.

Day Tickets Win
3 1 0
2 10 UFM
3 0
4 0
5 0
6 500 EPIC
7 1000 Sports
8 0
9 0
10 Instant Rain

From the table above, you can see that I was able to hit 4 instant wins with the 10 tickets again. I was able to win 10 UFM, 500 Epic, 1000 Sports, and an instant rain. The instant rains go to all the active members in the UFM Discord group where the lotto is played.

To become an active member head on over to the Discord and steem-engine and buy your self 10 lotto tickets. I can say just joining the Discord you will meet up with some great people.

Day Profit/loss Total
1 -0.66 -0.66
2 + 0.0871 -0.5729

You can verify all the winnings and tickets in the UFM Discord UFM lotto channel.

I know that by playing more tickets in this I would have a higher chance at turning a profit but as I said this is for fun and testing purposes only so I don't have the 100 liquid steem at the moment to play 100 tickets in 10 days.

Remember that all the games played in any of my posts are for fun only. I am not telling anyone to go and play besides for fun.

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Tips are always welcome to address below:

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Nicely done! I'm really enjoying seeing you break it down to 10 tickets and what they can win!

Yeah it is fun so far. I think I already got an idea for next and I'll will do 10 tickets UFM 10 tickets Steemp and see what each one wins

This could turn into a daily series!