Canal 420 - La Potiguaya Show - 22

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✌ My funny 420 wallet

Canal 420

💚 La “Potiguaya Show” 💚



3 days ago I reached 420 WEEDCASH


Today the next step forward with SPORTS - 1.420,696 staked - check


✌ Next goal - JAHM - 420

I will use all proceeds from this article to buy JAHM until I have 420 of it in the stake. At STEEM and PAL I am still very far from a 420. There is the next target at 42.0 STEEM and 4.20 PAL. - LEO at 0,420 :)

♫ For some more reference in this article to JAHM some music

Ronald Reggae - Jamaican Rhapsody

Ronald's take on Queen's masterpiece for your listening enjoyment

Ronald Reggae

The interpretation and the text are great. Have fun with it until I get to my final question.

Which group of readers will give the highest vote for this article?

Will it be the readers and voters of,,, or

Hasta pronto, amigos

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Hell yeah have fun!

Thanks a lot!
Where is it possible to follow your trail?

Keep smoking & growing... 💚

Steemauto and also you can automate your account. Would love to teach you how I blow up and make more...

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