New Zealand Company Pairs CBD With Manuka Honey

17 days ago
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A company in New Zealand is the first in the region to create a new product that mixes together CBD and manuka honey. While they might be the first in NZ, they aren't the first company in the world to make the combination, as there are other manuka honey and CBD options that you can currently find in the market.

What is manuka honey?

This honey is a popular product that comes from both the NZ and Australia region, it's made when bees pollinate the native manuka bush. And there are a variety of benefits that are alleged to be associated with the use of manuka honey, from soothing sore throats, to promoting better oral health, improving digestion, and more.

Many people refer to manuka honey as a superfood for good reason.

The CBD industry today is already a multi-billion dollar market and one of the biggest draws is the CBD edible options that are available. You can find anything from gummy bears to chocolates, hot chocolate, iced teas, soda drinks, gum, and more.

Now, you can also find quality manuka honey and an interesting CBD mix too.

The company behind the new product, Naki New Zealand, is going to be launching single-serve options for people to get a taste of the combination.

They will be offering single servings of manuka honey with the CBD extract inside.

This is one product that might soon make its way around the United States, as well as Europe, and possibly other regions. The new packets will be between $5.50 to $6.00 per pack.

Restrictions In The Way of CBD Freedom

The regulations in NZ have also made it more difficult to get started, though legalization surrounding cannabis there might soon change. Millions in the region want to see a change to the outdated and unjust marijuana laws that still exist there. If they are successful then it will be a historic change for the cannabis and CBD market.

As of right now they've had to try and establish the product by making their way around all of that restriction that is imposed by the state.

“The current regulatory environment in New Zealand is not conducive to the development of CBD edibles and so to bring this product to market more rapidly we have had to ship our honey offshore to South Africa where it has been blended with a broad spectrum CBD extract." - global market manager D. Burchell-Burger

If they could get their CBD products without having to go through such violence, regulatory hurdles, then it would be better off for them, their communities, and NZ altogether. They could manufacture right at home without having to go elsewhere.

Today you can find a wide variety of CBD edibles from low cost to gourmet food options. If they were to create a much larger option with the CBD in it, like they offer for the honey, then people might be seeing prices around $40 or more. To make it more affordable and easier for more to afford and try, they've gone with the single serving option.

There are also a growing number of CBD companies that have already started to establish themselves and grow within the NZ region. If they see legalization soon then that is expected to light a fire for that market and drastically fuel new interest, investment, and demand for those products. Recent polls show that there is a great amount of support for those changes to potentially succeed in New Zealand.