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Good afternoon, dear friends! This morning I decided to cut ripe buds on a medicinal plant. This huge bush, which has a height of 2.6 meters and a very thick stem, is over 6 months old. I tilted it for a long time so that it would not be visible to the neighbors since its height and mass were great. I remember him as a very small seedling, but time flies imperceptibly. His time has come to be cut off. But as I said, the third part of the buds will go for cutting, I already know which ones. The buds ripen unevenly, due to the density of the leaves. The effect of the buds is very strong, without any exaggeration. With great pleasure I will share photos with you dear friends, there will be a lot of pleasant viewing.

Main bud

The very peak of ripening

Poison look

The smell is very pleasant and strong.

Thick leaves dotted with snow.


As you can see in the photo, the ripe buds are already covered with a decent amount of snow, the seeds are also ripe, the hairs have reached their peak, the taste of the smoke is very pleasant and very effective, a couple of heavy to the lungs. This means I take the scissors and start cutting the bush. Let's go. XE- XE


Friends, this is how much I managed to cut ripe buds from the bush, of course not a bag, but enough for jam. And, frankly, after drying and punching the kidneys through a sieve. The weight will be small, but the weed is good. For me, quality is paramount.

But when I was doing the haircut of the buds, a very interesting presentation for me was left on the scissors, these are very effective oils that will treat me with their healing properties tonight, the taste of smoke from the oil should be tart, oily. See for yourself.


I like!

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All health and profit.

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