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Hello dear friends! Today I was visiting a friend. And I was surprised by his large selection of medicinal plants. They were small and very large. I liked his work. I asked him to take some photos, but he refused me, he is just a law-abiding citizen, and I took one small bush of a medicinal plant. And I quickly took a picture when the opportunity arose. Look at him, he is not ordinary, one top bud and the rest are large leaves. Unusually.

After viewing the plantation of plants, I stayed for a short while and was about to go home. With me, they gave me as a sign of respect, AK-47. I liked the gift, I really like this kind of marijuana. Under it, I am always very cheerful and funny, which is very useful for nerves. I call it nerve treatment of #naturalmedicine.

Today was a good day with me, but I did not think about it. Even more, I sank into euphoria when smoking the AK-47.


I like!

#weedcash #canna-curate #naturalmedicine #ecotrain #tribesteemup

All health and profit.

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I got hold of some AK47 once in the UK and it was pretty strong, never saw it again though. Cheers for the post, subbed


Haha... so much weed in your world! What would happen if you gave this much attention to the thousand other medicinal plants that are equally powerful?

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