Ready for winter?

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After I bought this coat yesterday and was passed by trucks gritting the road on the way home, I knew I'd made the right decision.

Where does the coat end and the eyebrows begin?

It's been a few years, 4 actually, since I've had to spend any more than a couple of days in the UK over the winter months and seeing as this crappy part of the year was one of the reasons for my escape to the sunshine, I have not been looking forward to the cold at all.

So yesterday, with half of the remaining 'spare' funds in my bank account (the other half is spent too, see below), I decided to go and buy a big f-off coat. Complete with a clear pouch, presumably containing some of the fluff used inside the coat, this bad-boy is good for -30c, or -22f if you are that way inclined.

I used it for the first time today and even tested the hood. In the UK when I was a lad, Parker coats were all the rage and sadly a likely cause of a fair few road traffic accidents. The range of visibility is tiny with the coat fully zipped up, but as long as you give a fully 90 degree head-turn when crossing the road, warmth is the most important requirement.

After the job interview on Friday, I walked the 10 or so minutes to the bus stop in the rain and had to wait another 10. It was not a fun experience, and if I'm to be doing that for the next 6 months, then this coat will earn it's value.

And hopefully, so will my other investment today.

It has been a long time since I've been able to do that. Should I have kept this fiat buy in Litecoin or BTC or something else? Probably, but where's the fun in that. With some extra STEEM earned through the tribes this month, I've powered up a nice round 1111 STEEM this evening. What will it look like at the end of the winter I have no idea, but I do expect to have earned some interest on this vested stake over that period.

Looking at the 90 day chart, it would probably have been wiser to see what happens if/when STEEM reaches 16/17 cents or so, I think it is going to struggle to start with.


A breakout from there could look very interesting - Santa rally please.

My posting output has dropped over the past couple of months, mainly due to being at work and not being in front of this screen all day. I should really try a bit harder, especially as SteemSQL is now 40 SBD a month. If I'm only using the service for the Engagement League, and giving half the payout away, then the finance + time cost is going to make little sense.

Another project that could be utilized to provide some interesting stats is @emrebeyler's proposal to bring Hivemind to SQL. I'm going to give it a plug as it's so close to being funded and I hope another 300k SP is found over the coming days. He's already started putting the service together and is looking for only 12 SBD a day to run it.

You can vote for @emrebeyler's proposal on Steempeak:

Or directly via Steemconnect:

Or on the Steem Proposals website:

Or via Steemit Wallet:

Alright, so temperature down, STEEM price up - I'll take that.



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Remember the Wombles? You kinda look like one...A warm one. Lol.

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Trust the Ozzies to turn up to rub it in!

What is it, blue skies and 75 all week? :D

Lol! Yeah, something like that!

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backwards people. summers here

Nice to see you are fully stocked on yellow cream! :P


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Minus 8 degrees C this morning here in Edmonton, AB.
Stay warm.

You guys get some ridiculous weather over there!

The other coat I liked had a maple leaf on the inside - good for -40c, so borderline for extreme lows I guess? ⛄️

Wise investment I would say! On both counts!! You defo need a giant but fur hooded parka for what is about to come!

Hope so Boomy! The sooner I can pack my shorts and f-off to the sunshine again the better! :D

Yeah, I think a winter holidaying at the very least is in order!!

Nice coat. I guess you're going to feel the cold pretty bad as its your first winter back home. Good luck with that...

I agree that SteemSQL is getting to the point where it's not really economical. It's 4 SBD for 1 day and in the past I've taken a day subscription when doing an analytical post, but it's just not worth it when it isn't even recovered by the post payout.

I've always been a soft lad when it comes to cold, and yeah, this year will likely be even worse. Not now though, this coat should sort me out.

It is a shame about SteemSQL, but the costs of running the hardware and the time required are not something I would like to foot each month.

Liked the suit and tie better ...

That will be hiding underneath.

I'm a shorts, t-shirt, and flip-flops man at heart though. One day again soon I hope :)

Hahhaha there you go, you are good for winter! I don’t usually bust out my parka before the temperature goes well below zero, I’m not a pussy! 😝

A prepared pussy 😝

Did i mention how much I hate being cold? A LOT!

I do feel set for winter wearing this though - give it your best shot mr snowman!

Watchout Asher! pussies who hate being cold slips easy. };)


That looks horrendous! No-one likes a cold pussy, I hear 🍑

No-one likes a cold pussy

Haha yeah. While warmer much better. };)

I really don't like things that look like Vaginas!

It's a coincidence that I drew a snorkel jacket for Inktober this week. I've not had one of those since I was a kid. I have a really warm ski jacket, but that can be too much. Need an intermediate coat for milder weather and can layer up as necessary.

Good to see you powering up. I have been buying Steem too and may get a little more for the next SPUD. The price is creeping up again.

This is the perfect coat for Bangkok

haha :)

I don't think so, and sadly I'll not be at Steem Fest this year. Hopefully we can see a change in fortunes for crypto this next year but even if that does not happen I'm confident i'll be able to attend :)

p.s. Have you thought about using the DAO to help fund SteemSQL?

I'll not be at Steem Fest this year

Noooooo 😭

Have you thought about using the DAO to help fund SteemSQL?

Yes, one of the many items in my never-ending to-do list 😅
If you want to provide some help to initiate it, feel free to contact me (, Discord or Telegram)

Steemfest could be a good place to drum up some support for SteemSQL.

I think I could get support from many of the Engagement League entrants too.

Thank you for the ideas, but I do not really need help to play drums. This I can do when I meet people face to face.
Just me being top procrastinator when it comes to writing posts, like an SPS proposal 😞

It was freezing today. Actually I was going to dm you on discord cos when I was freezing for some reason, you came into my head. Dont worry it was a clean thought. Nothing hot and steamy to heat me up, I just thought shit if I'm cold Asher must really be feeling it. Then I got distracted and never sent that dm. Damn, those passing thoughts pass fast.

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Was the thought... oh I should probably pack Asher a winter hamper with cocoa and Guinness?

I’m in bed now and wondering if I should put some socks on ❄️


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Correct answer! :D

I'm absolutely not ready
I need warm clothes, the cold is making my painful shoulder and neck tense up and cramp

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I bought some winter jackets before. That one looks nice. I had trim on mine and fortunately it comes off because it rarely gets cold enough for me to want it.

I already support that proposal as it seemed like a very reasonable price for what is being offered. I know it will get funded now thanks to your plug ♡♡♡

I forget where you are again but anything below 10 and this guy will be out.

Hopefully the proposal does reach support levels - more data = more stuff to write about for me 😬

I'm in Korea, but usually in the Seoul area where it gets to about -10C on a cold winter night. Usually I'll wear my thick winter coat at around or below 2C.

It's getting chilly.., but hey.. in a few days..... ah sorry.. ;)
I can send you some virtual nice weather if you like?

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have nice day

Love the coat